Why Men Pull Away From Relationships Just When You Are Feeling Snug and Happy

Just when you are feeling happy and snug in your relationship, he disappears. You are confused and shattered and totally at sea about his unwillingness to commit. Well, you are not alone as this is a common scenario. So many girls are asking themselves ‘why men pull away from relationships?’ There are some common reasons for this and let us see if one of these is happening in your case too.

1. Too much of a clinger:
You need to examine this point honestly. Don’t be surprised if you are a clinger as this is a common problem with women. If you have been trying to hog all his time, chances are that you have your answer to ‘why men pull away from relationships?’ Just learn to let go when required and give him space that he needs. You cannot expect him to spend every moment with you. So, never be a clinger.

2. You may have competition:
Men are easy to read and if there is someone else you will be able to find out very easily. His responses and attitude will speak aloud that ‘yes, there is another girl!’ Not very flattering for you but you should learn to let go when the truth hits you. No point in sticking to a guy who is not faithful to you.

3. He is scared to commit:
Maybe you have a great relationship and you have been just waiting for the ring, when everything goes ‘caput’. Don’t worry; some men are wary of relationships. They may go along with it pretty well but when turning the relationship in to something serious, like marriage, comes up, they may take flight.

4. He is not ready:
You may be of the view that the two of you are ready to enter in to a relationship like marriage but he may not be very comfortable about it right now. This does not mean that he is not the marrying kind or he is averse to permanency, he just may not be ready, emotionally or financially.

5. Work pressure:
Women make love their whole existence and may take their relationship in stride along with everything else. But men are not multitaskers by nature. They cannot focus on too many things at the same time. If they have too much of work then the pressure may make them draw away. This is only temporary and it is a good idea not to pester him too much about it. He may be focusing on work to enable him to give you a better life when you get married.

The reasons ‘why men pull away from relationships?’ are numerous. Some men are not worth finding out ‘why’ while some are worth waiting and watch out for. Give him time and space and he may come back to you soon. If it is work that is keeping him away, then try to understand but if it a femme fatale, then forget it. Whatever may be the reason, do not give up too quickly if you had a wonderful relationship. Work it out with him in a relaxed way. Before long the ring may be yours!