Get Your Ex Back Fast – Dirty Tricks That Will Have Them Begging You to Take Them Back

I have to start this off with a warning: What you’re about to learn is VERY controversial. It’s basically taking the conventional “how to get your ex back” manual and ploughing over it with a tractor. Then reversing back over it again just to make sure there’s nothing left of it.

If you prefer the conventional, overused and boring as hell way to things, this article isn’t for you and you should stop reading it immediately.

If you’ve got the guts to get your hands a little dirty and in the same process are almost guaranteed to get your ex back, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

  • Take your new date to a place that your ex frequents. Just hanging out with other people of the opposite gender can take your mind off of your ex for hours, making the whole process much easier on you. However, this little trick isn’t so kind on your ex. Take your new date (they can also just be a friend, it really doesn’t matter) to a place where you know your ex hangs out a lot. Do NOT go with the expectation to see him or her there, just go to have fun. Should you run into your ex there, however, you’ve just added +5 points to your ex’s “Obsession-o-meter”. Don’t be surprised if you get a call in the following few hours from your ex, suggesting you should meet for coffee. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
  • “Accidentally” send your ex a text message. This is one of the dirtiest, yet effective tricks you can pull. Send your ex an SMS with the words: “Me too, last night was great…” If you’ve ever had any trouble with an ex not calling you back, this will break that whole little game they are playing in 3 seconds flat. Just be cool when they call to ask what you mean with that message and say that it was meant for somebody else. Follow it up by saying that you’re really busy right now and that they should phone back a little later. All while just being very cool and friendly. This will have them lose some serious sleep while thinking and wondering about you.
  • Make your ex more in love with you than EVER. I’ve mentioned how being needy of your ex’s love and attention will all but destroy your chances of getting back together. Now that we know this, I have some great news for you. Doing the exact opposite will practically get your ex begging you to take them back! The key is being indifferent and aloof. The psychological trigger you’re using is the principle of “the thing you can’t have is the thing you want the most”. This is true for every person to some degree. If you act a little disinterested, unsure about getting back, playing a little hard-to-get, it will spark INSTANT sexual attraction between you and your ex.