How to Do Magic Tricks For Fun – Removing Your Shirt by Magic!

This a great party trick and will really make people believe you have extraordinary powers. 

How The Trick Appears To The Audience

The Magician is dressed wearing a jacket with a shirt and tie. He asks someone to tie his wrists together as tightly as they can with a roll of sellotape or parcel tape. There is no doubt that his hands are bound together so tightly that he will have to be cut loose. The Magician tells the audience he will demonstrate how to pass one solid object through another. The Magician then goes into another room for a minute. When he steps back into the room, he is still wearing the jacket and tie but has removed his shirt! His hands are still securely bound and no one has a clue as to how he did it!

How The Trick Is Done

This trick seems impossible but is really quite simple. To prepare for the trick you take off your shirt and then put it back over your shoulders like a cloak. Without putting your arms in the sleeves, button up the collar and the top three or four buttons. Then, again without putting your arms in the sleeves, button the cuffs around your wrists. Put your tie on as normally and then your jacket. If you have done it properly, it will just look as though you are wearing your clothes normally and no one will suspect a thing.

The Performance

When you are ready to perform the trick ask someone to bind your wrists together with sellotape or parcel tape. Make sure they do it tightly, so everyone can see it will be impossible for you to remove your hands with being cut free.

When they have bound your wrists, tell them that you are going to demonstrate how to defy the laws of physics and pass one solid object through another.

You tell them that you are going to step outside the door for a moment and when you knock on the door, they must open the door and let you back in.

When you are in the other room use your fingers to undo your collar buttons. Then loosen your tie and slide it off over the top of your head; however, do not untie it. Undo the rest of your shirt buttons and unbutton your cuff buttons with your teeth. This sounds difficult but is actually quite easy to do.

Grab the the collar of your shirt at the back of your neck and pull upwards. You will find that your can pull your shirt out of your jacket. Put your tie back on and tighten it. Place the shirt over your arm and knock on the door.

When they open the door, your audience will amazed to see that you have managed to pass your shirt  through your tie and jacket!

This trick is so unusual and so weird, that people will remember it for years to come.