The World’s Simplest Card Trick

You don’t have to be a Lance Burton or Chris Angel to pull of this little card trick and it is almost impossible to mess it up. As long as you can remember the story and the pattern the cards need to be set down, you will not have any problems. This does not mean that you need to prearrange the deck either. The best part is that this trick only requires you to use 16 cards and is self-working.

Step One
Go through the deck and remove all the Aces, Jacks, Queens and Kings. These are the only cards you will need for this trick.

Step Two
You will then need to arrange these cards by their proper suits so that the Jack, Queen, King and Aces of each suit will be in their own pile.

Step Three
You put these four groups of cards into four separate piles. You should start off by having four piles of Kings. Next, cover all but an inch of the Kings with the Queens and then cover all but an inch of the Queens with Jacks and so on. A part of each card should be visible. While you are doing this you tell your audience the following story. There were once four small Island kingdoms in the middle of the ocean. Each island had a king and a queen and a prince named Jack. And each kingdom all had a dog named Ace. One day a huge tidal wave hit the islands and washed everyone into he ocean.

Step Four
At this point you pick up each group and place them one on top of the other. You now hand this pack to the audience and ask them to cut the deck several times.

Step Five
Now you tell your audience that despite this natural disaster no one was hurt and each person and animal swam back to the nearest island. But something sort of strange has happened. At this point you start dealing out the card into four separate piles until you have dealt out the sixteen cards. You will now have four piles of four cards and for the best result you should deal these cards face down.

Step Six
As you finish dealing out the cards turn over each pile one by one and you will reveal that the Kings, Queens, Jack’s and Aces are now all in their individual piles. You wind up this trick by saying somehow the Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces somehow manage to swim to their individual islands.

This is a self working trick and will work out every time. Good luck and have fun with it.