Dirty Mind Tricks to Get Your Ex Back! Pull Your Ex Back Using These Ultra Rare Psychological Tricks

After a break-up you should firstly think whether you want your ex back. If you are convinced that you want them back then you should start working on it. However your ex might start playing hard to get and completely ignore you.

The first thing you have to do is to keep off the scene and stay away from your ex. You should avoid all contacts and force your ex to think about you. This will force them to reminisce about your relationship and maybe make her realise how much she misses you. Remember that if your ex can play hard to get so can you.

If your ex wants to get back in touch with you avoid them and cut off any contact with them. They should think that you don’t really care about them anymore. Let them continuously wonder about your intentions.

Your ex is continuously going to try and find information about you. Make sure that they find out what you want them to know. Decide what reaches them and what does not.

Spend your time on grooming yourself and improving your appearance so that they see you next time they should turn green with envy. You should look good and attractive. Once you decide to mingle and hangout you should be the centre of attention and be the most wanted person in the party.

Be seen around your friends at a lot of clubs and pubs. Make sure you are constantly having a flirtatious conversation with someone. Make sure this reaches your ex so that they turn extremely jealous.

You should be seen with someone who your ex does not know very well to keep them off balance. They should continuously ponder about your actions and intentions.