Penis Health and Naked Running

With summer in full swing, more people are taking advantage of the fine weather to engage in running activities. Some people are also happy that warm weather means it’s easier to engage in outdoor nudist activities. And there are also some people who combine these two areas and engage in naked running. For male enthusiasts of the last-named activity, this does raise the question: are there some penis health concerns to be considered when one is involved in naked running?

Yes, there are some issues that naked running men should consider – some of which indicate running naked may be beneficial, others of which indicate there may be some considerations to remember. And some of which have less to do with being naked and more to do with simply running.

– First and foremost: Be prepared for running. A man who has been a couch potato for the last few years shouldn’t jump into a nude marathon. Running is great exercise, but like any exercise it needs to be approached sensibly. Any time a person is significantly changing their exercise routine, checking in with a doctor is advised.

– Sunscreen. Those who are practicing nudists already know the importance of sunscreen. But if a guy does not already engage in a nudist lifestyle, he needs to take special care that those areas of the body that rarely see sun are properly protected.

– Get used to the floppiness. Running devoid of compression shorts can be a bonus for the balls. Compression shorts can restrict blood flow to the midsection, causing a pain in the balls – so running naked can be a plus. But the penis and balls do flop around while running. This can cause some minor pain, but more often it just feels a little awkward and may take some getting used to.

– Get ready for shrinkage. Most penises shrink quite a bit during the process of actually running, due to the physical activity itself. Don’t worry – they grow back to their normal size afterward, but many men feel needlessly embarrassed that they don’t present as more “hung” while running.

– Consider shoes. Some people run a naked race completely naked; others wear a hat or sunglasses – or shoes. If one’s feet aren’t ready for the rough road, shoes are perfectly legitimate.

– The penis and balls don’t get chafed. With no fabric to rub against, naked runners don’t develop the chafing and rashing that many do when wearing clothing.

– The penis stays cooler and less sweaty. Without the heat of clothing, the penis stays cooler. In addition, sweat appears and evaporates, rather than pooling. Sweat tends to come with bacteria and also dries out penis skin oil, resulting in dry penis skin. Naked running can reduce this penis health problem.

– Insects can be a problem. Without protective covering, the penis and environs can be a target for mosquitoes, ticks, etc. checking for such bites is important, especially if the running route goes through wooded areas.

So to summarize, there are positive penis health benefits (less heat and pooled sweat, etc.) and some disadvantages (direct exposure to sunlight and insects, etc.) to running naked. As in most cases, simple common sense can help to ensure a better run for your penis.

Whether running naked or not, a guy wants to take certain steps to keep his penis health a priority. One of these is the daily application of a top drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For best results, the crème should contain L-arginine. This amino acid helps produce nitric oxide, which is part of the process by which penile blood vessels are kept receptive to increased blood flow. And the crème should also include vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties which can help decrease unwanted and persistent penis odor.