Schwinn Turismo – Best Double Jogging Stroller

When it comes to baby strollers, one size definitely does not fit all. Many of today’s active families have more than one youngster in tow. Double strollers are extremely common and easy to find these days, and come with the same features and benefits as single strollers. Schwinn has a long-standing reputation of making the best jogging strollers in the industry, including the best double jogging stroller. These strollers make it easy for a parent to go outside with their youngsters and get some exercise and fresh air, and that’s healthy for the whole family.

Not only has Schwinn been around for a long time and is known for making the best products, they continue to innovate by including sought-after features in their strollers while maintaining quality and convenience. Schwinn double joggers have the carrying capacity of two children up to 50 lbs. each, yet comes apart to fit in any car. The rust resistant aluminum frame is amazingly lightweight and strong, yet easy to maneuver. Bicycle style wheels ensure children have a comfortable and smooth ride every time. No longer does a parent have to sacrifice their jog because the stroller can’t keep up.

Baby strollers have to be convenient to position and clean also. Schwinn recognizes that the best double jogging stroller should include features such as pivoting snack trays, and includes this feature on their models. A zippered pouch behind the seats and a generous under seat storage area ensures there is plenty of room for cargo. Schwinn even thought to make the handle adjustable to accommodate both Mom and Dad.

No amount of snack trays or cargo space means a thing without safety. The most important feature a stroller can have is keeping a child safe during transport. With safety as a paramount concern, Schwinn goes the extra mile by including both a hand brake and a locking parking brake for peace of mind. Seats for each child include a five point safety harness. An over-sized retractable canopy protects from sun, wind, and rain. This is a very important feature. Keeping the sun off of your child while out and about is of paramount concern.

Parents need not sacrifice on safety, quality or convenience when it comes to transporting their child. Double strollers are no exception. Schwinn’s long history as a leader and innovator make any of their models an excellent and affordable choice. Features such as more weight capacity, durability, cargo room, and amenities make Schwinn’s strollers a hassle free option.