Workouts to Get a Six Pack

This workout is probably one of the hardest workouts that you will every do to get a six pack. The principle for this workout routine is simple, burn as much calories and fat in shortest amount of time. This routine will be focused on high intensity interval training and compound movements. It will elicit high caloric expenditure and astonishing fat burn.

The first exercises is burpee with a push up and a pull up combination

If you have a gym membership most likely they will have a pull up bar. You will start this exercise with a pull up. When performing a pull up make sure your body stay still and you are not using momentum. Start from a dead start, cross your legs, keep your head straight and pull up as far as you can then go back to the starting position

After doing the pull up now you have to do the burpee section. Feet straight forward, hands in front of your knees, jump and kick your leg back so your body is going to be in a push up position. When you are in the push up position proceed to do a push up. Then kick your leg back to the starting position then jump as high as you can.

Repeat the process as many times as you can for three minutes and take a 1 minute break. For starters you will want to do at least 3 sets of 3 minute. For more advance people try to do 6-7 sets of 3 minute work and 30 second rest

In my opinion as a personal trainer this is the best workout to get a six pack.