How to Grow Taller Fast – Proven Tips to Increase Height Regardless of How Old You Are

Being short is no fun. Girls are sort of turned off by guys whose height leaves much to be desired. If your girlfriend is towering above you, it’s a little embarrassing isn’t it? Taller guys look more attractive because they carry with them a certain machismo that comes with being tall.

If you wanted to learn how to grow taller fast, read on and discover some great natural tips about height growth. The thing is, this usually works only if you’re still at a growing stage which is usually up to 25 years of age for males and 21 for females. Although this type of growth typically depends on factors such as your environment and genes, you can beat the odds by practicing the following steps on how to grow taller fast:

* Buy multivitamins that are specifically manufactured for this purpose. It should contain rich elements of Vitamins A and D as well as calcium. If you are a little confused as to what to buy, consult a dependable physician for recommendations. And most importantly, always take them to the dot, meaning never miss out on a schedule. These vitamins only produce desired results when taken without fail.

* Drink at least three glasses of milk a day. Avoid drinking them all at once as it has the tendency of slipping through your system without the nutrients getting absorbed. Do it in every meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose milk that have high calcium content in it or those that specifically mentions something about growth in the label.

* Take enough regular rest. Make sure you don’t go below the required 8 hours a day. Ten hours of sleep is a must for children because rest is a very potent time for your muscles and bones to grow. Lack of sleep often results to hampered growth.

* Learn how to do stretching exercises. They will help elongate your tendons and bones and muscles which will be a catalyst for vertical growth. These exercises include, but are not limited to, pull ups, leg raises, crunches, and chin ups. Doing this under the sunlight is very good to your health, plus the more you sweat, the faster the growth process will be.

* Engage in sports that require jumping high such as volleyball and basketball. In a way, these are also stretching exercises. Dunking a ball into the hoop would practically stretch every inch of your body thus allowing more room for growth.

* Masturbate. Saying that it hampers growth is a myth and a big lie. Masturbation unlocks your body’s natural hormones for growth. Boys who masturbate actually achieve faster growth rates than those who don’t. So lock yourself up in a room and learn how to masturbate.