Muscle Gain – How to Build Muscles Real Quick

To be able to accomplish fast muscle growth a sound understanding of how the human body works and grows is mandatory. There are a myriad of exercises ranging from swimming, jogging, football to those such as lifting barbells, dumbbells, etc. so is there a difference between these exercises? Will you be able to build muscle if you increase your swimming session from half an hour to 1 hour? Not likely. There is a trick to building muscle fast, and before you fully appreciate it, or even buy the idea, you have to know the fundamental principle underlying the health and strength building processes of the human body.

The exercises that we see, hear about or do ourselves are basically of two kinds;

1. Aerobic: aerobic exercises strengthen the heart muscles. That’s the basic reason for doing them. These exercises are done to promote over all body fitness. Aerobics means ‘with air’ or more specifically ‘with oxygen’. During these exercises, the level of intensity is kept moderate; the heart steadily increases its rate of pumping blood through out the body. These exercises focus on ensuring that the muscle tissues of the body receive ample supplies of oxygen. The consequence is less fat, and stronger healthier muscle. But these don’t increase muscle mass. They train the muscles to keep active and flexible. Exercises like jogging, swimming, rope skipping, specially designed aerobic workouts, etc fall under this head.

2. Anaerobic: these are the exercises that build muscle. The word anaerobic means ‘without air or oxygen’. So how does an exercise work without oxygen? Here’s how; these exercises have a high intensity level. If you tone arm muscles with a 5p pound dumbbell regularly, that aerobic. If you lift the maximum possible weight on your dumbbell, and then work on increase that maximum, you’re going for anaerobic exercise. The anaerobic exercise contracts the muscles of the body to such an extent that the body in its present condition can’t fulfill the oxygen. So the body taps into the glycogen stored in it and converts it in to lactic acid. This lactic acid gives the muscles the energy they need, but also creates an ‘oxygen-deficit’. Now your body and your muscles know there wasn’t enough muscle and energy and it had to turn to emergency measure. Lactic produces a burning sensation in the muscles that most people feel at the end of their intense work out. The muscle gets a little torn as a result of this intensity, but this damage is the stimulus the body needs to grow stronger muscle and that too in greater mass.

Now in light of the above, you know that you can convert your existing aerobic routine into an anaerobic one by building intensity it. You also know that aerobic exercises will improve your health and figure, but they won’t enhance your physique. To build muscle and as quick as possible without compromising your health, you have incorporate the following into your routine;

1. Progressive Overload: this means that with every workout, you increase the size of the weights that you lift.

2. Lift Maximum: if you want to see fast muscle growth, lift to your maximum potential. Maximum potential means the greatest that you can lift without causing unusual or unnatural pain in your body. Be sure to have a trainer supervise you.

3. Exercise should be Short but Intense: keep your exercise routine short but intense. It should exhaust your full potential. For instance you should lift heavier weights, but reduce the number of reps.

4. Watch your Diet: diet is essential for healthy muscle growth. Since your aiming for fast muscle growth, ensure you take plenty of proteins. Taking a meal high in protein half an hour before the workout ensures that your body has a healthy supply of amino acids it can use to heal and build muscle from immediately once your work out is over.

5. Rest and Sleep: the breaks that you give between workouts should increase as you increase the intensity of the work-outs. Similarly, you should increase your sleeping hours to maintain at least 8-10 a day for healthy muscle growth.