Advantages and Disadvantages With Jogging

Let’s assume you have decided that you want the main element of your diet to be your physical activity and that you have decided on jogging. However, you should know that this is also the cheapest and the most handy form of physical activity, but that it also has its disadvantages which you have to take into consideration if you want to lose some weight or to stay fit.

Doctors always recommend to us that we spend half an hour every day doing physical activities of any sort. They also recommend that you maintain this rhythm for about five days a week, this being the secret to your body staying fit and to your muscles working out properly. Also, jogging reduces the risk of you suffering from heart diseases. But how do you choose the best exercises for your diet or for your everyday sports activity? You probably chose jogging because it is quite expensive to go to the gym, to aerobics classes and so on and because you believe this is the best way to stay fit and to complement the effort you make when it comes to your nutrition.

The most significant advantage of jogging is that it regulates the activity of your heart by establishing normal levels of your blood pressure. Moreover, the American specialists believe that those who jog instead of doing the everyday activities they need to do live five up to seven years longer. Apparently, jogging is similar to cycling and swimming. Thus, the entire bone structure is stronger and so is your back. Also, this physical activity reduces the risk of women being exposed to fractures and osteoporosis. It can also increase your capacity of concentrating on what you do, supplying the brain with the oxygen it needs for such activities. Jogging can also treat depressions and melancholic behaviors and it can also be a very efficient exercise for your memory.

However, there are also disadvantages with this activity and the most important one would be that your knees and your ankles can be worked too hard during such an exercise. This results in heart problems and in muscle problems. Specialists recommend that you visit your cardiologist before starting such a severe diet, your cardiologist knowing how much effort to prescribe and how you should make that effort. There can even be imperfect movements and deformations, which can lead to fractures. This is very frequently encountered with obese people, which is exactly why specialists recommend that the obese people are better off swimming than jogging.

Moreover, beginners tend to overwork their body in order to lose the kilograms they want to lose and this causes damage not only to their muscles, but to their cardiovascular system, too. You should always wear tight pieces of equipment, but it should also be flexible. If you start your diet bin the hot season, you should know that the physical exercise you do in open air decreases the resistance of your immune system and even affects your skin, which becomes dry and dehydrated.