Lose Two Inches – How to Lose Two Inches From the Belly in One Month Without Going on a Diet?

Dieting is not everybody’s cup of tea. It needs a lot of self control and planning. People either do not have the time for it or they do not have the patience to do so. Is there any means that can help you lose two inches from the belly in a month without dieting? Well, you can do so.

Here are some tips to lose 2 inches of the belly fat without dieting:

· First of all take diet supplements like acai. This is fruit from the Brazilian rain forests that is known to repair the digestion system, flush out the fecal matter and hence reduce the belly fat naturally & effectively.

· You may continue taking your normal diet but just try to have them on time. Taking 5 to 6 short meals all day long keep you metabolic rate high and thus reduce your weight. If you can’t take the meals properly on time, make sure that you have a pack of nuts always. After every 2 hours munch on some nuts. This would be a great help in reducing 2 inches around the belly.

· Walk as much as possible. Even if you can’t go for jogging or brisk walk in the morning or in the night, try to walk up at least half of the distance you have to travel in your daily routine.

· Dedicate 10 minutes in the morning to some sort of exercises. If nothing, you may try some breathing techniques of yoga. This could actually help you lose 2 inches of the abdomen fat alone.

· Avoid smoking & drinking alcohol. Replace the tea & coffee with herbal teas.

· You can replace the milk you take with soy milk or the skimmed milk.

· Sleep for good 6 to 7 hours in the night. Proper sleep is also responsible for your weight.

· Along with the other tips, losing 2 inches of the abdomen fat would become easier if you drink 10 glasses of water daily.