Learning How to Enjoy Skateboarding

As we all know, skateboarding is Great Fun. I’m sure that you know how cool it is to learn new tricks and show them to friends and everyone. However, skateboarding can be very frustrating sometimes. If you feel that you are not a successful skateboarder, you should try concentrating on different things. Skateboarding is all about high speed, relaxedness and having fun! Nowadays, when people starts to learn skateboarding, they always want to learn those ollies, kickflips and 360 flips before everything else. It isn’t the very best way to start skateboarding. If you really want to enjoy skateboarding, try to remember following things:

1) Make sure your skateboard isn’t out-of-date. Clean up your bearings in order to roll properly. If you need a new grip, buy it from your local skateboard shop. You should Never forget to take care of your skateboard.

2) Avoid misfitting clothes for example tight jeans. Ensure that you can move your body parts, especially legs, well enough.

3) Do not wear sneakers while skateboarding! The truth is that sneakers aren’t made for skateboarding, they are made for jogging. The best way to find proper shoes is to visit your local skateboard shop and ask for skateboarding shoes.

4) While skateboarding, sometimes it is refreshing to forget all those complicated tricks and just roll with high speed. Learn to handle your skateboard by rolling in a skateboard ramp and in a pool, if you can find one. Try to do some “old school” tricks, for example “downhill slide”. It feels cool and it looks cool as well. The main focus is on feeling your board. Feel it completely!

5) There are always times when you should not skateboard. Do not go skateboarding when you are angry or tired. It can be very damaging for your skateboard and for yourself. Always remember that skateboarding is just about having fun.

In my opinion these things are good to recall when skateboarding doesn’t just feel good. A good skateboarder isn’t just good at making tricks, but he can really have fun and enjoy.

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