Learn How to Talk Dirty – 5 Tips to Help You Spice Up Your Sex Life With Dirty Talking

Dirty talking during lovemaking is one thing that can most often turn on your partner if you do it right. Indeed, the art of dirty talking is not just a plain narrative of what you want to do with your partner, but it is actually more of enticing your partner into the act. If you want to learn how to talk dirty to your partner during lovemaking, you have to understand first that talking dirty can be a tricky element of a great sex life.

In fact, attempting to talk dirty to your partner for the first time can be a disaster if you cannot pull it off nicely and effectively. With your ability to talk sexy and enticing while talking about the dirty things you have in mind, you can enhance the sexual act and can heighten the intensity of your emotions as you and you partner can feel and hear the lovemaking.

But, as mentioned, you have to learn it before it can make it a disaster. Here are some tips that you may find helpful if you want to learn how to talk dirty.

1. Start slow. If you are comfortable with just the ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhs’, then you can start with them. Then you can slowly introduce more nasty terms that men often want to hear when making love. Don’t scream those nasty words right away. you may startle him especially if he is not used to hearing those words from you. Just simply start slow.

2. Choose the right words. Medical terms as well as those too technical names can be a turn off and that may become a disaster. Research on some nasty terms that can arouse a man more and use them comfortably and sexily during your lovemaking.

3. Work on practicing a sexy voice. Of course, aside from the right choice of words, it is also important that you have the sexy voice that matches your dirty talks. Your voice is one thing that can arouse a man more, thus make sure as well that you sound sexy to him. Practice if you can. This will help you listen to yourself and allow you to become comfortable in uttering those dirty talks as well. If you are not confident as you say all those enticing words, you may not get the response you want from your partner.

4. Include some dirty talks that can boost your guy’s ego. Men love to hear that they can turn you on. So be vocal about it and incorporate it into your art of talking dirty. If you can make him feel that you want him badly and make him feel that he is just so irresistible, this will be a good start in intensifying your sex life with dirty talking.

5. Be true. Even if you are talking dirty, or you are using those nasty words, make sure that you also ‘feel’ the words that you are uttering. Saying those dirty words mechanically can be a turn off. Remember that talking dirty can be awkward when you are new to it, so don’t add more awkwardness into it by simply uttering words that you don’t feel.

These are just a few tips to help you learn how to talk dirty. Get a detailed resource to help you on the right choices of words and the most often used terms that can make our dirty talk a lot more enticing.