Increase Penile Size Today – 3 Tricks To Make Your Penis Look Larger Right Now!

Here is the truth about penis size. We are usually never the same size all the time. Every guy has noticed that sometimes his penis seems longer and sometimes his penis is scrunched up and looks on the small side.

So what if there was a way to look as big as possible as often as possible? What if there was a way to look even bigger than normal?

Well, guess what? There are actually 3 ways to achieve this. Check it out:

1. Quick Size Stretches. These are easy and quick to do. And they are very effective. Since the penis is not a “rock like” object (except when it’s fully erect) we are able to pull at it gently and stretch it out. The penis tends to get “scrunched up” and looks small from the natural effect of temperature. Cold temperature can often make the penis scrunch up. We’ve all heard the term “shrinkage” from guys who get out of a cold pool of water. Also wearing briefs all day can scrunch up the penis.

So what we want to do is simply stretch the guy out a little. Gently extending and holding him out for a few seconds in this full extension will bring out not only bring out his true size but will even bring out a bit of extra size!

You can slip in a quick and indiscreet quick size stretch after you finish urinating, or just before you start urinating. You can also get in a quick size stretch by simply acting as if you are scratching yourself, (something all guys do anyway!)

But really, all you need is a few minutes to yourself to stretch out your member, hold him out for a few seconds and repeat a few times. This will bring out the size you are after and it will last for several minutes.

2. The Hot Shower Size Increaser. Here’s a great one as well. We all take showers, so why not start the day off with getting your penis bigger? You can do this with a hot shower. Take your shower as you normally would, but towards the end you will want to direct the hot (but not too hot) water down at your penis and keep it there for a few moments. What this does is increases blood flow and engorges your penis with much larger size.

Now this is absolutely great for doing right before sex. Most women prefer a guy to clean up and shower before sex anyway. So you can not only get yourself cleaned up, but also give yourself some extra size to come out and impress her with.

This can also be used in the locker room. After a hard practice, with the penis being scrunched up inside a jock strap, obviously your size is going to suffer. A quick hot shower with the water directed down toward the penis, will wake him up and bring on some larger size very quickly.

3. Sculpting a Bigger Penis. This is a must do for any guy looking to ensure his size is ALWAYS at it’s biggest. Sculpting a bigger penis simply involves trimming or shaving the pubic hair around the penis. Pubic hair makes the penis look much smaller than it actually is. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger you will look without all that pubic hair covering up the base of your penis.

You don’t have to shave it all down by any means. This can actually make it look too obvious that you are trying to reveal your size. You can just trim down all the hair around the penis, leaving some hair to maintain a subtle, but still enlarged look.