Jeff Anderson’s Homemade Supplement Secrets – A Review

When you take a look at the costs of supplements on the market, you will be grateful for the approach that Jeff Anderson has decided to take with his program. You will learn how to stretch your budget and still get high quality supplements for your training program. This book has made it possible for you to put aside the supplements that come from the big manufacturers and begin to take your health and training supplements into your own hands. The program will show you how to make your own supplements with a few tools and your own kitchen.

You can be assured that the quality of the supplements that you make for yourself will be as high as you want it to be. The best part is that you will receive a higher quality supplement at a much lower price. The supplements that you will learn how to make can be made into capsules or powder forms, whichever you prefer.

Well, I know it does. Some trainers have already been using this method.

There are times when you’ll see small supplement manufacturers coming up with their advertisements on the net; you know how they make these supplements, simply by this method. And then they do the pricing and labeling and false claims about the product and its great effects. Ah!! Its ridiculous and all of us spend a hell lot of money for buying these worthless supplements.

The manufacturers of these supplements count on the desperation that a great many people feel in their efforts to lose weight. The companies promise results from the use of their supplements and many people buy them in a desperate effort to lose some weight. The products may very well work, but the amount of money that is charged is outrageous and the companies are more interested in the money that can be made than the health of the people that they are targeting.

If you are planning to use supplements to help you lose weight or gain muscle, you must learn all that you can so that you can make intelligent choices about your supplementation. Jeff Anderson will show you how to save some of your money and make the products on your own. For instance, there is one popular supplement that is sold for $79.90 that can be made in your home for only $16.85. That’s quite a savings and one that I’m sure you could use.

How do the supplement companies get away with the big mark-ups? Jeff’s e-book is an eye opener for people who have been blindly purchasing bodybuilding supplements, without knowing the proper composition of the product. Jeff says the marketing companies create hype, from the product to its stated results. Moreover the outrageous prices are a common factor that bothers Jeff.

Once you read the information about the supplement companies and how they are more concerned with the advertising than they are about the quality of the products that they sell, you will be outraged. It is highly unethical and you will now know why. These products are directly aimed at your health and it is up to you to protect yourself from these companies that are out to take your money and give you inferior products.