How to Talk to a Guy About Your Feelings? Here Are the Tricks Which Will Make Him Melt For You

Talking to a guy about your feelings can be hard especially if you really want him to understand what’s going on in your mind. Being in a silent relationship can be quite frustrating but you also have to be careful so that you don’t end up looking desperate and needy. Here are a few ways which will tell you how to talk to a guy about your feelings.

Approach at the right time
The time that you approach a guy is very crucial in determining how you are going to be received. If you approach him when he is tired and wants to be left alone then you know that you are not going to be successful. Approach him at a time when he is relaxed and is open to your chat.

Don’t misinterpret him
A lot of times women misinterpret a man’s silence as his ignorance. But men tend to become quiet when they are in a vulnerable position. So you have to realize that at least in the beginning, you have to treat him with kid gloves. Also crying and complaining just makes you look foolish and he doesn’t take you seriously.

Be direct
Men aren’t like women so when you want to talk to a man you have to be direct. Talking in loops, making suggestive remarks or thinking that they’ll be thoughtful and do XYZ thing themselves is not going to help. If you want something then tell him “exactly” what you want. Don’t suggest or remark.

If it’s a lengthy conversation that you want then you’ll have to prepare for it. Men are programmed to respond to only those things which appear important. Preparing what you are going to say will make him see that this thing is important to you and you can get straight to what you want to say instead of fumbling. Makes a far better impression doesn’t it?

Don’t get angry
Men can be frustrating at times, but you’ll have to learn to control your temper every time he gets your goat. When you get angry the focus shifts from what you are discussing to your anger and he gets the diversion that he wants. Learn to talk to him with a cool head and you’ll get whatever you want, done.

Give examples
Don’t just pull things out of the air. Give him examples of why you are saying what you are saying and he’ll respond positively to your feelings.

Talk logically
Even though feelings are a part of our emotional quotient, you’ll have to make your man see what you want him to see if you use reason and logic. With this you’ll be the good and effective communicator and will have no problems having him listen to you.