How To Do Beginner Tricks on a Ripstik

There are tons of awesome free style tricks you can do on the Ripstik. I am going to talk about some beginner tricks for you to try. Before you try any Ripstik tricks make sure that you are comfortable riding your board. Once you are comfortable and confident you can try out some of these great tricks.

First try a manual. A manual is where you simply lift the front wheel off the ground. The longer you hold the manual the cooler it looks. Try balancing for long distances riding on just your back wheel. That is called a manual. A nose manual is when you do the same thing except that you lift your back wheel off the ground and ride the board balancing on your front wheel.

Another cool beginner trick is the step over. Once you know how to do a manual and nose manual the step over should be a piece of cake. To do the step over lay out an object like a broom stick. Approach the broom stick on your board and when you come up to it lift the front of the board over then immediately lift the back of your board over the stick. That is the step over. To make this trick more difficult use a larger object or try stepping up on to something like a curb.

A hang 9 and hang 10 are tricks that look very flashy and cool, but are not that difficult to do. A hang 9 is when you are riding your board normally and you take your front foot and place it on the back deck and ride for as long as you can. This trick leaves the front of your Ripstik empty and both feet are riding on the back deck. To do this trick put your back foot directly over the back wheel, if you put it to far back when you lift your front foot the front of the board with pop up into the air. Gain some speed and get your balance then quickly pull your front foot back to the back deck. Hold it for as long as you can, then return your foot back to the front deck and continue riding, that is your hang 9. Doing a hang 10 is a little more difficult but looks even cooler. Do the trick with the same technique but instead pull your back foot off the board and ride with both feet on the front deck, then return your back foot to the back deck.

A trick that I do not have a name for but is super fun to ride is simply trying to balance on a curb. The best is to find a curb that has a short drop on one side and grass on the other. A side walk with grass on the side is perfect. Ride up to the curb side and try to ride the length of the curb balancing and not falling off. No other board allows you to do this trick because no other board but the Ripstik has the two wheel design. There are some kids on who ride a 137 foot curb without falling off. These are all the tricks I will discuss in this article, so be safe when you attempt new tricks, but mostly just have fun.