How to Pull Your Ex Back When You Are Being Avoided – 4 Tips Which Will Solve the Problem!

There are plenty of reasons why your ex seems to be avoiding you. First you have to make sure if it is intentional or not. If it is, ironically, it is even easier to get them back because once you know the reason why they are intentionally avoiding you, you would know what to do, what steps to take to make them come back.

All you need is to have faith that it is not yet too late. Read on to find out how to pull your ex back when you are being avoided…

Use your connections – Yes, you have the power in your hands to turn things around. It’s time to contact your mutual friends and ask them to help you out. Your friend can either talk to your ex about you or he or she can set up a coffee meeting or dinner for you and your ex to talk things out.

Let him/ her walk – Don’t panic and run after your ex as this may push them farther away. This doesn’t mean that you’re not going to set up a plan to talk to him or her. Just give it some time and let them walk away… it is not permanent. Preoccupy yourself with other concerns and activities and once your ex feels free and not being followed around, surely he or she will be willing to talk with you again.

Fill up your world with people – Just like the current in the river, there is nothing you can do to fight the water flowing in the opposite direction. Let it flow. So as your ex is trying to avoid you, make yourself unavailable for a while. Be with other people who can comfort you at these times, be busy attending “get-togethers” and reunions. Why is that?

This gives you the feeling of not being alone and reinforces your social skills. Once your ex gets the feeling that you are getting your needs from someone else, not necessarily a new relationship, he or she will miss the feeling of being needed by you.

Time to ring the bell – After a while of letting your ex have his or her space and time and they still do not attempt to contact you, it is time to get their attention. This is perhaps they still can’t realize things on their own. But at this point, they will definitely be willing to talk. Do something unique but take note that it has to be a sweet gesture. Use a pet for example to greet him or her on the street as they walk and show up smiling with some flowers if it is for an ex girlfriend, or anything significant.