Astral Projection Is Like Swimming But Without The Risk of Drowning

I’ll begin by saying that for me and many other regular astral travelers the astral realms are fun, invigorating, and perfectly safe. Swimming is fun and invigorating too but it does come with the dangers of drowning or encountering sharks.

Astral projection can be compared to swimming in a number of ways.

1. Your vision and hearing are distorted.

When you are underwater, whether snorkeling a tropical reef, swimming in crystal blue water, or just with your ears or eyes under the surface of your bathtub, the sounds you hear and your vision have an unusual quality. Light is refracted differently and sound waves are not the same as in air. Imagine if you had never actually stuck your head underwater before. Might your first aquatic experience feel like a delusion? The eyes and ears that your body has are not along with you on an astral projection. You have only the senses native to your soul with you. Your astral hearing and vision is quite keen but it is unlike the physical ears and eyes you have during your wakeful consciousness.

2. While underwater and when astral projecting you are weightless.

In actual scientific fact, you aren’t truly weightless in water. It simply feels like you are because you are more buoyant in water than you are in the air. In the astral realms, you are as weightless as the soul. You can move up, down or even at the speed of light powered by the strength of your mind. Actually in this respect, I suppose astral projection would be better compared with the weightlessness you would expect to find in the vacuum of outer space.

3. Concerns other than the actual swimming or astral travel might hinder you.

When you refrain from entering a body of water, the reason for your declining might be a fear of sharks or the unknown currents. It may also be your feeling that you don’t look good in your swimsuit. And as for astral projecting, well, I suppose you may wonder what people would think of you if you did it.

4. Water and the astral realm are both nothing short of awesome.

Whether swimming, diving, frolicking in the surf, or just luxuriating in a hot tub, being in water is an experience on earth that is not to be missed. Well, neither is the sublime bliss of slipping free from the constraint of your physical body to explore or just to experience the thrill of existing in the ethereal plane.