How to Get Your Ex Back Extremely Fast – This Tactic Will Pull Your Ex Back Faster Than Lightning!

When we lose something we love and desire, we will do anything to get it back. In this case, you have lost your ex, and you are absolutely sure that you want to get him/her back, however they are not making it too easy. However my friend, it is about to be made easy! You see, no matter how bad your situation is since the break up, this tactic will pull your ex back for certain…

Step#1: No contact for two weeks – It is hard, I know, but if you do this, you will make your ex curious about you again.

Step #2: Send this SMS after two weeks: “I have a surprise for you, and I’ll tell you this Friday, make sure you dress sexy babe ;)”

Step #3: The reply: cut calls short, give out little to no information to keep the interest up – Your ex will get that message and will want to know who that message was intended for, and will also think that you are seeing someone else again. This will make your ex curious so much that he/she will end up contacting you shortly. You are to be as dry and vague as possible once your ex does, so that he/she doesn’t get bored and think you are easy again. Cut calls short, and this will create a chase your ex cannot resist.

Step #4: Date someone your ex knows – After you have begun to show your ex that you are not waiting around for him/her, through the above steps, you will now proceed to actually date someone your ex knows. What will happen, is your ex will become so jealous, that he/she will now chase you to get you back.