How Do You Select The Right Banner?

Useful for advertising but how do you choose one?

Banners are the back bone of any strong advertising campaign. They may languish in cow fields peering across a 9 lane motorway but you can be assured that if the right banner is used, they will be doing a better job than many other types of advertising.

After you have worked out what you want to say on your banner, the hard part though is choosing the banner itself. Do you get an enormous one, do you get a discrete one or do you get a whole bunch of tiny ones?


You are best to choose your dimensions based one where you want it to go, and you should have decided where you want it to go based on who your target audience is. For example, if you want to advertise to motorists, a field overlooking a motorway may well be the best place. This would mean that you need to have something that is big enough for people to read from a distance and short and memorable enough that they can read it while traveling at 70 mph. This situation would call for as big a banner as possible, with big letters but a minimal amount of text, and ideally just a couple of words. Select height and width dimensions based on the location and your banner will be all the more effective.


Again the materials you choose to have your banner made from should be dependent on where it will be put up. Obviously outside banner will need to be either PVC banners so that they can deal with the rain, or they need to be mesh pull up banners which are full of holes so that the wind doesn’t sweep them away. If you are looking for an inside banner or some exhibition displays you can save money by opting for a paper banner or posters that are cheap to make and easy to put up. However if your indoor banner is going to be up for a long time you may want to opt for a vinyl banner or something more hardy just so you don’t have to replace it.

Once you have decided on your materials and your dimensions all you need to decide is how you want it to be fitted to its location. You can normally opt for some kind of banner stand, but if you want to have it high up you will probably need to opt for having it made with hems and eyelets so that you can use for ropes to attach it to the location.