How to Build Broad Shoulder Muscles For That Wide Look

Building broad shoulders will create that great wide upper body look. It will make your upper body look much bigger and in contrast make your waist appear more tight and small. This is an ideal look to go for, but many people have trouble figuring how to go about getting the results they want. This article will show you how to achieve that broad shoulder look.

Train your shoulders specifically

To bring out your shoulder muscles you must train them accordingly. The best exercises will be ones that isolate the shoulder and fully target them. This will bring out the shoulder muscles from all the other body parts, giving the impression of a wide upper body.

Train the sides of your shoulders

To create the wide look you must increase the size of the side or middle deltoid muscles on your shoulders. Leave the front and rear deltoids out of the equation, as increasing the size of these will make your look thicker and less wide.

The best exercise to train the sides of your shoulders is the side lateral raise. This mist be performed correctly in or to only activated the side shoulders and not the front as well.

Grip the dumbbells in front of your body with them touch. With your elbows slightly bent raise them up to the sides till about ear level. As you get to the top of the movement tilt the dumbbells forward as to raise you little fingers and lower your thumbs. This will keep the tension on the side muscles and stop the front deltoids from coming into play.

Perform these with higher reps of 10-12. Do a few sets with little rest between them.

Avoid other exercises that cause imbalances

Try not to perform exercise that will hide the effects of the side shoulder training. Avoid exercises that will increase the size of your front and rear deltoids. Exercises such as bicep curls and the bench press activate the front shoulders too much and should be reduced or avoided when trying to increase the width of your shoulders. Barbell rows can will activate your rear deltoids, so reduce or avoid these too.

Once you have substantially increased the width of your shoulders, after a few weeks training, you can go back to normal training and using the usual exercises. This will give your side shoulders a boost they need to create that wide shoulder look. For more tricks and methods of building muscle visit: