Get Rapid Weight Loss by Building Muscles

Do you need to get in shape? If you are tired of dieting and like to eat what you like to eat, then there is hope for you. If you are at least 30 pounds overweight, then you need to lose weight. Excess weight wears the body out prematurely. If you are overweight, you can reverse the damage that your body has endured. You can get rid of diabetes. You can improve your blood flow and get a stronger, better heart. You can walk further than you ever imagined. To lose weight, you need to build muscle. I am not recommending that you become a body builder, but I am suggesting that you visit Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Walmart. Pickup a 5 pound dumbbell for weight loss if you are a woman and purchase a 25 pound dumbbell for weight loss if you are an overweight male.

Body building is the key to weight loss for men and women. When you build muscle, you burn fat. The best part is, you burn fat faster. Weight lifting is great for both older people who are overweight and young adults who need to lose fat. Muscle building will allow you to lose belly fat, back fat, arm fat, and leg fat. You will look better and actually be stronger. I recommend the Stackhouse approach to weight loss, which is supplementation combined with daily muscle building exercises. This will allow you to build bigger muscles faster and enable you to lift heavier weights quicker.

Body Building for Weight Loss Step #1:
How much weight should I lift to lose weight? You do not need to lift heavy weights. If you are a woman that needs to lose between 10 pounds to 70 pounds, then you need to purchase a three pound, five pound, and eight pound weight set. You do not need to purchase anything expensive. If you are a man that needs to lose weight, I recommend purchasing a 25 pound, 35 pound, and 50 pound weight set.

Body Building for Weight Loss Step #2:
What body building exercises do I need to do to lose weight? To lose weight, you need to exercise only three times per week with your weights. I recommend weight lifting every other day. This will give your body one day to recover, rest, and rebuild. Resting your body will result in maximum muscle development and maximum weight loss. If you are a female, start with your lightest set of weights on week 1 and then progress upward each week. When you reach week number 4, start over with the light weights and then work your way back up to the heavier weights. For men’s weight loss, do the same pattern. Start with lighter weights,and then build up to the heavier weights. This will ensure you get proper technique and that you do not hurt yourself or strain muscles. You only need to do standing curls, standing squats, standing shoulder presses, abdominal crunches and bench presses. All you need to do is three sets at 10 repetitions of each exercise.

Body Building for Weight Loss Step #3:
Boost you muscle building and fat burning metabolism with Bioneferin supplements. Bioneferin is a natural supplement that is not filled with chemicals or steroids. It uses natural proteins and amino acids to build solid muscle. The formula varies depending on how much weight you need to lose. This ensures you get the best results for your body type. Also, you need to purchase a quality hemp protein shake. I recommend hemp because it has other benefits that whey protein lacks. It is nearly complete amino acids without contamination. It will give your more energy and nutrients than whey protein alone. If you are a whey protein lover then mix in the hemp protein. Hemp contains essential fatty acids that will help your bones and joints and facilitate weight loss performance.

Body Building for Weight Loss Step #4:
Eat lean proteins. Avoid meats that contain steroids. You cannot buy the cheap meat if you want to lose weight. Steroids are bad for humans and will result in weight gain. If you are fat or bigger it probably is from the foods you have been eating. The meats you eat may have been pumped with steroids and that is why you have gained so much weight in perhaps a short time. Studies have shown that hormone residues found in the beef, chicken, and turkey can disrupt human hormone balance, causing developmental problems, interfering with the reproductive system, and even leading to the development of breast, prostate or colon cancer.

To lose weight, you need to eat quality meat. Always check the label to ensure the meat and milk that you drink does not contain steroids. Read the label. It will clearly state this product comes from cows, chickens, or turkeys not treated with hormones. If the label does not state anything, then please don’t buy the product. Most likely, it is going to make you bigger and fatter. It is important for you to know that natural and artificial growth hormones in meat production can harm human health and make you fatter. These are the growth hormones that you need to know about oestradiol, progesterone, testosterone, zeranol, trenbolone, and melengestrol. I am not recommending that you stop eating beef. Protein is great for weight loss. But, you should know that 80 percent of all U.S. feedlot cattle are injected with hormones that will negatively affect your body and result in weight gain. You need to eat protein, but I do not want you eating artificial protein. If you want to avoid eating the meat or minimizing meat to avoid steroids then use Bioneferin Protein bullets on a daily basis and eat beans, mushrooms, leafy greens, and nuts. You will see immediate weight loss and avoid harmful steroids.