Bible Study Guide – Perk Up Your Class With This Bible Lesson

The main challenge with teaching children’s liturgy is making your Bible lessons as interactive and fun as possible. If you simply prepare a simple Bible study guide and expect your students to read and learn, you’ll be disappointed in the results. But if you brainstorm some interesting Sunday school ideas such as this one, you’re sure to get your kids interested in learning.
God Made Me Sunday School Idea

Start out by making your children’s liturgy class a snack. You’ll need:

*Tomato sauce

Your kids will be thrilled when they realize that the day’s Bible study guide lesson involves making pizza. Say to your kids that you want to make pizza, so you guess you should just throw all your ingredients into the blender and it will come out just fine. Ask for a volunteer to help you place all the ingredients into the blender. Ignore your students’ protests that this method won’t work.

As expected, in the end, you’ll have a nasty mess. Take some time to discuss the activity with your students and together come to the conclusion that you can’t just throw ingredients in a blender and hope that something amazing with happen. You can’t just expect to create something “by accident”, in a careless way. Now take a few minutes to transition into the Bible lesson by saying, “A lot of people think that they happened by accident-this isn’t true! Let’s see what God has to say about how you came about.”

Leading into the Bible Lesson

Ask your children to pull out their Bible study guides or actual Bibles. Now ask them to refer to their notes on Genesis or just to flip to Genesis in their Bibles. Walk your children’s liturgy class through the seven days of creation, emphasizing that after God created each of these things, He pronounced, “This is good!” Each and every student in the class is just one of these creations-they were made on purpose. None of it happened by accident.

This Sunday school idea can empower your students with a feeling of self-confidence and self-worth, all the while making your class feel closer to God.