7 Sure Shot Tips Which Will Get Your Ex Back – You Absolutely Cannot Afford to Miss This One!

If you really want to get your ex back, then there are some key things which you need to do right now, otherwise you risk losing your ex forever! Here are 7 important things to do when trying to pull your ex back:

1). Give space- Your ex takes you for granted, and as the saying goes “people want what they cannot have”, likewise your ex will want you, when he/she feels they can no longer have you so easily!

2). Change- don’t make the mistake of trying to pull your ex back, without having actually changed. If you need ideas of where to change, simply look back on the behaviors and bad habits you had, which annoyed your ex and work on improving yourself.

3). Don’t wait around- it would really be a huge mistake to wait around, since your ex is expecting it. Therefore, go out and do things that you have been putting off!

4). Date again- a very important tip, because unless you do this, your ex will not really see what he/she is missing. Dating again will make your ex jealous, and will cause him/her to desperately want you back.

5). Thank your ex for the breakup- this is another key, which will get you brownie points with your ex, because it makes your ex think you are moving on fast. This will create fear in his/her mind that they are going to lose you forever.

6). Forgive yourself and your ex- a lot of people actually end up getting back together, but split up once again, simply because neither partner was able to forgive each other. So ensure that you are able to make it past this step first.

7). Send your ex this SMS after some time: “Just wanted to thank you for the break up, you were right. I think space is a good thing, because a lot of great things have happened recently. You know what?” ===> This will make your ex curious and he/she will not be able to resist calling you back