An Introduction to Mentalism Magic

Mentalism Magic

Mentalism magic is often considered the most popular type of magic that is performed today.  Magicians like David Blaine and Criss Angel have caused the popularity of mentalism magic to grow exponentially.  For years now, people have seen Blaine and Angel trick innocent people on the street with mentalism.  The problem with these famous magicians is that they very rarely just give up the information necessary to pull off the tricks that they do on television.  One of their most famous tricks it the levitation illusion.  Despite the fact that most people are completely aware that is impossible to actually levitate, the people on the street that witness the levitation are still completely amazed by the trick.  

With the e-books and guides that are available online, beginner and advanced magicians alike can now learn the levitation trick.  Another cool trick that the most famous magicians use is the one where Blaine makes a random person on the street’s watch disappear.  Then, to their amazement, Blaine points at a mannequin in the window of a store and it is wearing that watch.  Soon after he is able to return the watch to the person’s wrist without them even noticing that it is back.  

Another great type of mentalism magic is telepathy, also known as mind-reading.  When learned properly this is something that can completely amaze and bewilder your audience.  Be careful when using telepathy, it can be a very dangerous venture.  You do not want to scare your audience too much.

Mentalism magic is not as hard to pull off as you might initially think.  An easy way to pull it off is by using people in your act that already know what you are accomplishing with the mentalism.  Sure, this is not authentic, but it is a great way to amaze your audience.  If you do use this technique, make sure it is perfectly planned out and practiced, because if it goes wrong, it can be terribly embarrassing for you.

No matter how believable some acts of mentalism may seem, there are no proven scientific studies of people that were actually able to read people’s minds.  If you are able to use assistants in the crowd or mirrors that are unable to be seen by the audience, then you can pull off the act of mentalism.  The best magicians are able to full everyone without anyone noticing that they are getting outside assistance.  I have witnessed a lot of magic, but I must admit that David Blaine is able to trick me on a regular basis.  Being able to trick a fellow magician is a sign of being great at mentalism magic.

There are now guides that are great to learn exactly how to pull off these amazing magic tricks that used to be able to only be performed by the most famous magicians in the world.  These guides make it possible for almost anyone, with time and practice, to be able to impress crowds of people with mentalism.  So if you have a flair for the dramatic, I advise you to take a look into mentalism.  It is a very interesting topic.