9 Quick Muscle Building Tips And A Hunky Happy Ending

There are “it can wait” moments, and there are “I gotta have it now” times. It happens in bodybuilding, too. Quality is expensive. If you want to have it, sometimes it takes years, and sometimes it takes a lot of dough. Building quality size in muscle building is that. It means training, eating and supplementing wisely to get real muscle bulk.

There are times, though, when you need a quick fix. Women want to lose weight fast because an old flame is coming to town in two weeks. If the same happens to you, want to-be hunk, then you’ll want to train fast and show her what she’s been missing.

Quick- fix to the rescue. Here are 9 tricks to look 5-10 pounds bigger and impress your girl.

  • Load up carbs. The more you eat carbs, the more they get stored as glycogen in your muscles. These massive amounts of glucose molecules get attached to each other. This mass absorbs large amounts of water, and your muscles are going to fill up like (water) balloons.
  • Drink lots of water. Studies show that the best athletes are well- hydrated. If you’re short on liquids, your muscles will look flat. So drink more water to make your muscles fuller and bigger.
  • The right creatine supplement. There’s no question about it. Creatine pulls in water and increases muscle size fast. But choose the right kind of it. The really fast acting form of creatine is creatine mono-hydrochloride or Kre- Alkalyri.
  • Combine with glutamine. The supplement is not as fast acting as the carb load and creatine duo, but L-glutamine still is a critical ingredient to a jiffier muscle- stacking. And more glutamine. You may be taking L-glutamine before your workouts, but another form of glutamine helps your muscles look bigger through a different mechanism- L-alanyl L-glutamine. Take it 30 minutes before your work out.
  • Taurine for energy support. It’s a popular amino acid that boosts muscle mass. As a highlighted ingredient in drinks like Red Bull, taurine provides long- lasting energy support.
  • Extra potassium pop. Sports drinks like Gatorade contain the electrolyte potassium for replenishment. The nutrient gets stored in the muscle cells, consequently volumizing it. At the same time, it increases water absorption.
  • Glycerol support. It provides a “backbone” for the primary fats in our diet, called tri- glyceride molecules. Glycerol supplement will do even more for your muscle building.
  • Yes to “NO” boosters. Nitric oxide boosters increase arginine levels in the body, then quickly converted to Nitric oxide. NO relaxes the blood vessels, resulting to better blood flow to the muscles, increasing their volume.
  • You can have it now, actually- the hunky body bulk that’ll make you look oh-so-sexy. Work your way from there for the long- term and you can always have a macho- happy ending.

Look for the right bodybuilding supplements online, and it won’t be much of a problem.