3 Tips On Natural Bodybuilding And Human Growth Hormone For Young Guys

Natural Bodybuilding Tips

Don’t you hate it when you have trouble with muscle growth? guys who go to the gym for months and get nothing in return are usually the most frustrated, it does not even help when you start experimenting with chemicals.

There are some practical things that you need to know before you consider hgh or even supplements.

Human Growth Hormone

I once met a 300 pound girl who claimed that she used to be thin but after using growth hormones which the doctor assigned to her for medical reasons she started to gain weight.

The human body naturally creates growth hormone but to get it to do that you need to know what to do, which is:

Tip1: Squats

Most guys are afraid of doing squats because it puts a lot of pressure on the body, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

Squats actually increase the amount of testosterone in the body, which can be turned into growth hormone, which in turn will equal BIGGER MUSCLES, are you following me here?

But to get your body to promote muscle growth you need another thing which is kind of known already…

Tip2: Meat

To build a house you first need bricks and to build muscle you need the right food.

You knew that already didn’t you? well until you actually start doing it you don’t know anything, its kind of funny, a lot of us confuse knowing with doing so I will remind you until you start doing.

The best food for muscle growth is ribs, rosdt, pork chops and oysters. Red meat is also good.

Tip3: Run Less

Some guys jog for 30 minutes every day and wonder why they are not gaining any muscle, the body is great at adapting to everything you put it through.

Runners are naturally skinny and that’s for a reason, you will never find any runners who are big and bulky, because of all the running they do their bodies adapt in order to allow them to run better.

Combat athletes are also similar, huge bulky pro kickboxers are hard to find, their training requires them to move a lot, their bodies adapt to that and their weight lifting efforts result in more gradual muscle growth.

So basically you should either run less or completely stop for the next few months.


So here are the tips again, do squats to increase testosterone in your body, eat meat to allow your body to have the needed resources and dont do too much aerobic exercises like running.

Those of you who are still considering artificial chemicals know that even supplements give small results (about a 5-10{629041bc9a6ff041fc0b7c543548a1c0f13f59ea1b47b2bc21e5d68d30575962} performance boost), stronger and more concentrated chemicals usually have very unpleasant results.

Some sites that advertise human growth hormone chemicals as safe to take and helpful for people to lose fat, the girl that I mention above is living proof that these ads are not always true.