What is a Swimming Pool Liner?

Swimming pools come in two different forms, the conventional below-ground version and the cheaper and easier to install above-ground alternative. All above ground pools have a smooth internal surface, however pools that are structurally built into the ground require a separate smooth, hardwearing and attractive lining. This is where a swimming pool liner becomes an option.

Below ground pools traditionally had linings that were made by carefully applying tiles and a water-proof grout to the floor and side walls of the pool. However, new and easy to apply vinyl finishes have become the liner of choice for many owners and they now out-sell tile finishes.

How they work

Modern pool liners take the form of a prefabricated vinyl envelope that is purchased in one of many standard pool sizes or made to order (bespoke). This kind of liner is then fitted within the swimming pool using a tried and tested fitting technique that sees the liner loosely laid out within the pool before it is gradually filled with water and pulled to the pool-walls using a special vacuum. This is a process that is easily achieved within a single day although some preparation work may be required before hand to prepare the pool and fit a perimeter track.

Modern vinyl pool liners have many advantages over their tiled alternatives and the main ones include:

-Cheaper purchase cost

-Easier and less expensive fitting system

-A quicker fit

-A softer and springier feel

Vinyl liners also come in a massive range of different color and pattern options and you can select the grade or thickness of the liner which will have an influence on price. Once fitted, liners are almost indistinguishable from tiles and they can be purchased in designs that replicate a tiled appearance.

Another advantage of the liner system is that it is not only simple and quick to install, but it is also easy to remove. The same cannot be said of tiles which require time and expense to remove followed by significant remedial and repair work before a further finish can be applied. This is important as tiled lining systems periodically require repair or replacement and this can result in significant expenditure.

Vinyl liners have one further advantage, and that is the fact that they can also be used in above ground swimming pools to add a look of quality to an otherwise cheaper looking option.

For this reason two different types of pool liner are available, the overlap system (for above-ground only) and the beaded system which works on all pool types (i.e. above and below ground). Both options offer lots of styles and patterns and both will enhance the appearance, lifespan and tactile properties of any swimming pool.