We Know a Guaranteed Way of Clearing Your Swimming Pool Water of Green Algae Virtually Overnight

Alum is a white powdery flocculent that when circulated in your swimming pool water quickly clumps all the fine particles, including green algae, into particles large enough that they sink down to the bottom. This allows you to simply vacuum your pool water to waste.

You may have noticed that we stated we know a “guaranteed” way of clearing your swimming pool water virtually overnight. We say this because every time we have used Alum to clean our pool it has worked perfectly and consistently. No other product we have tried has come close to matching the performance or consistency of Alum.

Obviously we believe in this product. But, don’t just take our word for it. Alum has been used in water treatment longer than we’ve been around so there is plenty of information on the Web for you to research. Pool supply retailers sell it and you can even find it at Wal-Mart.

Because you have to vacuum your pool to waste each time you use the Alum to clear your swimming pool water you would only want to use the Alum when your normal cleaning routine is overwhelmed either by Green Algae or cloudy water that won’t filter out. This is how we discovered how effective Alum is. Our pool had a light green algae haze to it that we couldn’t get rid of. We tried shocking heavily, we used entire bottles of pool water Clarifier and we filtered 24 hours for days on end, nothing cleared the swimming pool water.

In total frustration we bought 10 pounds of Alum at Leslie’s Pool Supply. We added the Alum to our pool’s water in the late afternoon. Our swimming pool water turned a milky white. We ran the filter for 2 hours and then turned it off as per the directions. The very next morning when we checked, our pool water was cleaner than we had ever seen it. We were immediately convinced that nothing worked better than Aluminum Sulfate at cleaning contaminated swimming pool water. We have used it many more times since then and it has worked perfectly every time.

“Guaranteed” “Works Perfectly Every Time” there must be a catch. Not really, the thing is that once you add the Aluminum Sulfate to your water and everything sinks to the bottom of your pool you have to vacuum it out to waste.

If you use cartridge filters to filter your swimming pool water you do not want to use Alum in your swimming pool. This product is not for you.

The Alum will clog your cartridge filter immediately, and once it clogs your cartridge filter you have to clean the filter to remove the Alum. This can be a nightmare. We do not want to sell you on a quick cure for green algae only to saddle you with a worst problem afterwards. You have to vacuum to waste to remove the Alum from the bottom of your pool. So if the swimming pool filter you use to filter your water allows you to filter to waste Aluminum Sulfate is for you. We have seen several You Tube videos that do a good job of showing you how to vacuum the Alum out of your swimming pool.

If your pool’s water is so green you swear you can mow it, Alum will clear your water in 24 hours. If the green algae are so light and fine that it goes right through your filter and back into the pool, Alum will clear your water in 24 hours. If your pool is cloudy and filtering does nothing to clear your pool, Alum will clear your water in 24 hours. We “guarantee” it.