Using LEUKIC – The Good and the Bad

There are many reasons to use LEUKIC. It is developed by MuscleTech and has been getting a lot of attention in the bodybuilding world. It promises results superior to similar products.

But is it safe? First the good news. LEUKIC stimulates muscle growth and helps to build permanent dense muscle mass. Their makers, MuscleTech says this is possible because it sets off anabolic testerone and growth hormone signals without manipulating the hormones. It creates an anabolic state without the negative feedback of steroids. In this state, a body is in a mode where it must build hard, lean muscle and it will stay out of catabolic state. A great thing about LEUKIC is that it is not on the anti-doping list. It is actually designed as a replacement for anabolic supplements or steroids.

It contains Leucine-ketoisocaproic acid which is the anabolic activator. Their makers claim it is the only 100 percent compound on the market, meaning it has no androgenic or estrogenic side effects. These include bloating and Gynecomastia which is where male bodybuilder can develop female-like breasts because of the increased estrogen in his system.

It can also elevate other unwanted hormones like estrogen. This can set training back for weeks and months. It’s effects are immediately felt when taken before exercise to avoid loading. It is suggested to take one serving when first waking up in the morning and on activity days, it is advisable to take one serving immediately before the workout. For greater results, MuscleTech recommends to take two servings a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

As with any supplement, the makers of LEUKIC make many claims about it being the best on the market. This can sometimes be hard to prove. It’s best to check on reviews from others before trying the product. Many have said they liked the products, however, some commented about excessive weight gain.