Tricks For Getting A Bigger Penis In The Locker Room

Let’s face it. When you finish up your practice, or a workout, and have to hit the locker room to shower, you can easily get more than a bit self conscious about your penis size.

It’s understandable. during your practice or workout, your penis will have “shrunk” up as it is being housed inside a tight pair of underpants or even worse, a jock strap.

This “shrinkage” can easily give the impression of smaller penis size. In order to counter shrinkage, you need to employ a few tricks to get bigger penis size.

These tricks not only get you out of the shrinkage state, but they can make you appear much larger than you usually are. These are very subtle tricks that no one will know you are employing, which obviously is important.

These tricks will get you through any self conscious locker room periods. And you can use them every time you hit the lockers, as they are very easy to do, and very quick to employ.

Here are the tricks for getting bigger penis size in the locker room:

  1. Hit the urinal first. After your practice, hit the urinal. Chances are you may need to relieve yourself anyway, after replenishing yourself with water. Make sure to pull out your penis and stretch it out to urinate. This is essentially a subtle stretching technique. Keep it outstretched even if you are done relieving yourself. It takes a moment to get it stretched out fully. Once stretched out, your penis will be out of the “shrinkage” state, and even will appear a bit larger than normal.
  2. Another tip is “the shake”. While undressing, simply shake your penis around a number of times. Remember, you penis is in the shrinkage state. Think of it as waking it up by gently shaking your penis. You can do this while still wearing a jock strap. Guys are always “adjusting themselves”, so this can come off as normal. The shake can also be applied after employing the urination stretch. It’s always natural for guys to do some shaking after urinating.
  3. Shower technique. While you are in the showers, try to get the water as hot as you can tolerate. Direct the water towards your penis and leave it there for a few moments. What this does is subtly increases blood flow which will engorge the penis to bigger size while still remaining in the flaccid state.

Penis enlargement tips to avoid for locker room size:

Here are a few enlargement tips that you should actually avoid for looking bigger in the locker room. Now even if these are effective techniques, you shouldn’t employ them if you are constantly hitting the locker room. You’ll see what I mean:

  • Penis pumps. If you are using penis pumps, you run the risk of temporary deformity of the penis. Obviously this can be disastrous for locker room situations. If you use a pump one evening, and accidentally over pump leading to blisters or temporary discoloration and deformity, then the next day you have practice and hit the locker room afterwards, things could get very embarrassing.
  • Shaving the pubic hair. This can come off as way too obvious. When you completely shave your pubic hair, you come off as someone who is obviously trying to make their penis look as big as possible. Busted! A good alternative, is simply trimming down your penis hair around the base of the penis. It’s much less obvious, yet still effective for looking larger.
  • Jelqing. While the jelqing exercise can work for getting a bigger penis permanently, you can imagine you it is going to look if you start jelqing one week, and then 8-12 weeks later, while the season is still going on, you are now showing up in the locker room with an added inch of length, plus added girth. This again can be too obvious, and very uncomfortable as you will have your team mates coming up to you asking for tips on how to get themselves bigger!