Treasure Blue Nike Hyperdunk Shoes For Basketball

I would really like to work for Nike. What sneakerhead wouldn’t want to? Of course, the odds of securing a job position there are most likely the same odds of winning the lottery. I am really not asking for a lot though. I just want to be on the Nike design team that determines what the colorways they use on their basketball shoes will be. I am not asking to be a part of creating the innovative performance design elements that go into these shoes. I am not that bright. And I guess I am a little shallow as well. I absolutely judge a shoe by it’s color. That’s why I love Nike basketball shoes. The different colorways and design patterns that they drop their shoes in are light years ahead of any other shoe company. And it is not just the colors and patterns they create. It is the name they give to the colors they use.

It would be virtually impossible to list the entire list of epic colorways that Nike has used on their basketball shoes in the past few years alone. So I won’t even try. What I will do is focus on the most recent gem of a colorway that the Nike Hyperdunk 2011 has released in. I would like to talk about three colors in particular. Treasure Blue. Ice. Volt. The official colorway description of the newest edition of the Hyperdunk reads Treasure Blue/Ice/Volt. Need I say more? No, but I will anyway. Nike has tweeked the colors of royal blue, grey and electric green to create a much “cooler” sounding color group. I have got to be a part of this color naming process in some shape or form.

Treasure Blue dominates this shoe and is used on the upper, midsole, tongue, laces, and outsole. Volt is featured on the inner lining and accents on the shoe’s collar. An Ice Swoosh is used to complete the shoe. Epic colors used on an epic shoe. I want in!

The new Hyperdunk 2011 that possesses these epic colors is just one of many high performance basketball shoes that Nike has dropped in the last three years. Flywire technology is used on the upper of the shoe and provides lightweight support. The midsole of the shoe is made up of lightweight Phylon technology and allows for maximum impact protection. The outsole uses a solid herringbone rubber for the ultimate in traction control. Great looks in a high performance package. Enough said.

It’s time to submit my resume to Nike again. It will be the third time I do that today. Somehow I don’t think my odds of getting a job in the color design laboratory are any better.