Trampoline Exercise – Why Trampoline Exercise Is So Good For You

As most people are aware, trampoline exercise is more like fun than exercise. For those of us not athletically inclined, bouncing on a trampoline is much more preferable to jogging, or playing an organised sport. A trampoline can provide an outlet for physical activity for people like me, who are just not cut out to be sports people, but obviously still need exercise to stay healthy. As an all round exercise, trampolining provides many health benefits for adults and children.

A trampoline provides a surface with “give” so you are not subjecting your body to impact with a hard surface. This low impact exercise is very beneficial if other forms of exercise give you joint pain.

Trampoline exercise will increase your pulse rate and will ensure that your cardiovascular system stays healthy, and that you maintain a healthy blood pressure reading.

Another benefit of trampolining will be an improved lymph system that will drain toxins out of your body and improve your immune system also.

By regular bouncing on a trampoline you will gain improved bone density, thereby increasing their resistance to stress and less risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

You might be saying that any aerobic exercise can achieve all the above health benefits, but trampolining would have to be the best, easiest and most fun way of exercising for people who are not sporty. You don’t have to go in for doing somersaults and other tricks to gain the benefits of trampoline exercise. Simply bouncing and jumping will do.

I would like to add that you do not have to use a full size trampoline, as a mini-trampoline or rebounder can be used as well to gain the same benefits.