Top 10 Methods to Boost Cardiovascular Fitness and Looked Ripped!

1. Step-aerobics: This is a phenomenal way to obligate yourself to commit at least 2-4 blocks of time to really pushing your fitness and working up a sweat. Aerobics is amazing for improving coordination, flexiblity, agility, mobility, endurance, core strength.

2. Biking/spinning class: these are fantastic exercises to blast your fitness through the roof. The intense movement of the legs, stimulates maximum blood flow, stimulation of growth hormone and oxygenation of muscles of tissues. Taking a spinning class will push you to the max and allow you to get the most out of your effort.

3. Rowing: Rowing is actually the most calorie burning exercise of them all. The use of the back, legs, arms and core recruits optimal cardiovascular exertion and whips you into shape and fitness like no other exercise.

4. Treadmill: The running treadmill is fantastic for specific, targeted training. You can measure your speed, distance, heart rate, calories, etc. The best way to take advantage of the full benefits of a treadmill is to use it for Interval Training. Interval training consists of moderate speed jogging followed by bursts of sprinting. This is the best way to increase VO2 max (maximum oxygen intake) levels.

5. Elliptical: The elliptical trainer provides excellent smooth/flowing zero impact training which is great for the joints and long-term health and mobility.

6. Circuit Training: A fantastic way to build muscle, burn calories and increase cardiovascular conditioning. The mixture of an increased heart rate, with strength training provides great benefits for increased fitness and heart health.

7. Pump class: This class involves variations of different weight lifting exercises performed with light weight performed in high reps. It develops muscular endurance, increased fitness, tone and strength. A great all around class for improving overall fitness.

8. Abs class: Devoted specifically for training the abdominal muscles and working up a sweat. This kills 2 birds with 1 stone, by increasing cardiovascular fitness and building a ripped lean physique.

9. Power Yoga: A very effective way to increase flexibility, muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance all together. This is probably one of the best exercises/classes for longevity.

10. Running club: A great way to commit yourself to 2-3 sessions per week of jogging in a group setting. It is a great way to keep a steady pace and develop an excellent jogging technique, important for long-term health/fitness.

These are just some of the many ways to really get the most out of your cardiovascular fitness.