Tips on How to Avoid Junk Food in Your Diet

Cookies, cakes, donuts, potato chips, chocolate, and ice cream; it’s like everywhere you go you see junk food! It’s hard to avoid and hard to resist. My weakness is high fat sweets, but I’ve learned ways on how to avoid eating them too much. You’ve noticed I said I’m going slow down when it comes to eating junk, I’m not going to just stop eating completely, no way! Sometimes after a long day indulging in sweets can be really comforting; you just have to watch out for portion control. The Dessert does not matter but the amount you consume does.

When on a diet eating sweets is a way of getting a break and treating yourself, but some go overboard and eat way too much and then they’ll spend an extra hour on the treadmill, walking, jogging or whatever they do to burn fat. You don’t have to over work yourself if you just limit the amount you eat. I’ve notice that when I eat these certain foods my cravings for junk food have decreased, I don’t feel tired, fatigue and I have the urge of wanting to increase my physical activity.

Raisin Bran Crunch cereal, I love raisins and clusters! Every time I felt that sweet craving coming on I would reach for a bowl of cereal and my sweet tooth would be greatly satisfied, not to mention it’s loaded with nutrition and low in fat.

Fiber one bars, this is a great snack for chocolate lovers. It’s loaded with chocolate chips and fiber which we all know is good for your digestive health.

Watermelon is so good! Not only is it delicious, but it’s packed with nutrition and water which helps you stay fuller longer.

Yogurt is very essential it has vitamin D which is great for bone health and calcium which can prevent bone loss that is caused by osteoporosis. Of course my favorite yogurt is Yoplait the strawberry flavor is the one I go for.

The hundred calorie snack packs are good to. They help you control your portions; each cookie pack is only 100 calories.

Drink green tea with lemon, if it is sweeten just right man is it good! This curves my appetite for sweets so well. It is known for boosting metabolism and strengthening the immune system.

Now I’m not saying these will work for you I’m just stating what works for me and depending on the person it could work for you as well. If your problem is bigger than just junk food and you need to lose an significant amount of weight, then you should always know that portion control is very, very important to cutting down the calories and fat in your diet.