Tips For Beginner Runners – Choosing the Right Shoes

Shoes are the key to your running enjoyment. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a new pair of running shoes. Following are some pointers to help your selection:

* People are built differently and so are their feet. Visit your local running store to find the right shoe for your foot. Match the shoe to your foot shape. If it does not fit comfortably, do not buy it, even if it is on sale.

* The shoes you choose should be lightweight while still providing good protection. If you have an option, choose the lighter pair. Heavier runners though will need a sturdier shoe.

* Your feet need to be able to breathe in the shoes. Make sure there is good air circulation throughout the shoe.

* It’s worth every extra cent you can pay for a good pair of brand name shoes from companies like Asics, Adidas or Nike (and many others!). You can be assured of quality and comfort as well as the wide variety they offer.

* Try the shoes on in the store and walk or even jog around if you can. The staff will be more than happy to help you try out several pairs.

* As far as size goes, there should be a gap of just an inch between your big toe and the front of the shoe. Make sure you get the right size, not a size smaller or larger. The shoe heel should be snug but comfortable, and it should not move up and down. Many shoes are available in half sizes so you can really zero in on the correct one for your feet.

* Wear a pair of running socks when trying on shoes to help you select the right size.

* Your feet can take a lot of pounding while running. A shoe with the right cushioning will be easier on your feet and will help avoid injuries.

* Ask the store about their return policy before you walk out of the door. Most running stores are hesitant to accept shoes back unless there is a definite defect, in which case they can return the shoes to the manufacturer.

How long your shoes will last depends on many things including where you run, your weight and how often you run. The recommended life target=”_new” of a typical pair is less than 500 miles. If you run 20 miles per week on average then you should change your shoes after six months. Try to note down the purchase date (in your running log) so you can track the usage.