Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight – Running

Running is a nearly-ideal form of exercise:  it costs nothing, requiring no membership fees or special equipment.  It’s portable: you can do it any time, anywhere.  It releases into one’s system the incredible rush of “feel good” chemicals called endorphins.  It’s provides a great cardiovascular workout.

If your goal is to lose weight running, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

Get Your Kicks

Proper footware is absolutely vital to a runner.  Wearing incorrect or worn-down shoes can lead to injuries in your knees, legs, and feet.  Your running career could end before it begins if you develop joint problems or plantar fasciitis from a bad choice of shoe.  Visit a sports store and talk to a salesperson about your goals and running habits.  They’ll be able to outfit you properly.  And remember to replace your shoes every 300 to 500 miles.


If you maintain a good, fast clip while running (which you should strive to do if you want to lose weight running!), you’re going to sweat.  To prevent dehydration, drink at least eight ounces of water before a run, eight ounces of water during the run, and eight ounces of water after your run.

Warm Up

Although running is an excellent workout, it’s considered a high-impact exercise because of the stress put on your joints (your knees, especially) in the process.  To minimize the risk of injury, stretch, and then walk or jog lightly for the first 1/4 mile.  Give your body a chance to acclimate to the stress you’re about to put it under.

Roll With It

It’s important to maintain proper form if you want to lose weight running without hurting yourself.  Hit the ground with your heel, and roll forward to the ball if your foot.  Aim for long, fluid strides.  Eventually, the “runner’s rhythm” will come naturally to you, but you might have to focus on it at first.

Cool Off

Walk or jog lightly for the last 1/4 mile.  Be sure to stretch your muscles at the end of your run.