The Secret Of How Not To Interact With A Qualified Network Marketing Sales Lead

You hear it everywhere around the net…”the business is in the leads,” without leads you have no business. You can find e-books and information about how to build up leads. But there is very few information about how to treat leads. And this is a very important matter because if you don’t care about your leads you’ll lose them as fast as you get them.

Network marketers are only looking for leads. The fact is that are thousands or millions of leads around but even so it is difficult to find a qualified lead. It takes time to extract this qualified lead out from the mass of other leads for your business and integrate it into your marketing network. When you have this lead integrated into your marketing network you than can make it shine for your purpose. But in order to make it shine there are some tricks and tips to observe on how to accomplish. There is an endless amount of information on a daily basis but all of them revolve about how to persuade any individual to buy from your company or to get him into your company and then you can offer him every time your product and this way pull out money like a money printer.

But is that really the case? Do most internet marketers, because of their need to pull money, forget that not everybody likes to be bombarded with all the information every day? It is good to be aggressive in the internet marketing but should there be also considered that not everybody likes to have all that crab in their daily mail? As a marketer you also have to consider the human side of your prospect and customer. All this composed information tells you how to persuade your customer you pull out his purse and how to attack him to pay you. But there is little being said about how not to interact with a qualified network marketing sales lead.

Sure, some training material will go so far as to advise you to know or to learn your material and not try to pull on over on the prospective lead; but even this is valuable advise it doesn’t tell you or give you a list of items to avoid. The list of how not to interact with a prospect in the network marketing sales is relatively short.

1. Stay away from race, color, creed, nationality, and gender. It really does not matter if you personally believe that women make better salespeople than men, or that religious folks are more honest in their business dealings than those who do not profess any belief; even so it is not always the truth. These type of believes are sometimes very offensive and even your most qualified prospect will certainly not want to be caught up doing business with someone she or he perceives to be some kind of a fanatic.

2. The failure to present the company’s information from a different angle than the one used in the marketing brochures. This false or incorrect interpretation of your marketing brochures will give your prospect the impression that you are not a serious marketer or that you don’t know the printed facts and therefore lead to an insult of the lead’s intelligence.

3. Don’t answer your cell phone as you are spending time with your prospect; even if it might be a potential customer calling. Let always your prospect feel that he or she is the most important person in your universe. Your prospect needs this feeling of trust in order to integrate in your down line. He needs to feel that you care for him or her. Every prospect without this trust is difficult to convince to stay in your business.

4. Do not flaunt your wealth. Dress nice and do not show off with a Cartier watch of Armani suit. Just be normal and show your prospect discreetly what your business can do for a dedicated person without actually calling any overt attention to it.

5. But do not meet with your prospect as though you are unsuccessful. That means that you show up with cut off jeans, sneakers with holes, unwashed hair, and a free ball point pen from a hotel. This exposure of you will not inspire confidence to a person who is thinking of signing on as your network marketing sales lead. You as an entrepreneur, business person or sales agent, need to dress your part. Clothes make the man or woman.