The Benefits of Running in the Treatment of Ovarian Cysts

Contrary to a lot of misconceptions, a lot of women actually develop sacs filled with fluids around their ovaries. These are called ovarian cysts, and they are generally harmless. They shrink and disappear without need of any medical and alternative interventions.

These sacs are caused by a lot of factors: some are caused by immense stress, some caused by a lifetime of bad dietary habits, while others get it because of hormonal imbalances.

Some argue that these types of cysts are the result of strenuous physical activities, like running.

Discomfort or Cure?

A lot of women like to run for the sheer energy boost that they get out of it. In fact, some have come to love this sport passionately.

However, they become hesitant to continue running, the moment they are diagnosed by their doctors with ovarian cysts.

The main reason why they perceive running to be dangerous is because it may cause their cysts to rupture. This however, may be true only if they are large, twisted and engorged.

A ruptured cyst leads to infection and complications, including severe pelvic pain, bleeding, and nausea and vomiting. It is therefore recommended that heavy exercises such as marathons, lifting weights, sprinting, and other endurance sports must be avoided if doctors have initially found ovarian cysts which are abnormal in size.

Benefits of Moderate Running

However, a lot of people, experts and patients alike, have found that moderate running contributes greatly to the expedient and efficient treatment of ovarian cysts.

This is because running is believed to help in the circulation of hormones, which is extremely beneficial for those whose hormone levels have gone haywire. In addition, it helps women to stay fit, fights the problems of aging, and contributes to their general well-being.

The same is true for exercises such as aerobics, dancing, brisk-walking and swimming. These exercises, when done in moderation, are safe and will help in the treatment of ovarian cysts.

Some Running Tips

As with any other sport, women should always allot time for a warm-up and a cool-down session prior to running. These condition the muscles and prepare them for the physical activity ahead. Also, a good and balanced diet should always complement these activities.

Conditioning and exercising the body may be a good preventative measure, as well as possible method in the treatment of, ovarian cysts.