Stroller Comparison of the Top Baby Strollers on the Market

There are some great jogging strollers on the market today, and sometimes the best-sellers can be hard to differentiate between. Here are some of the similarities, differences and reviews between a few of the leading jogging strollers.

In the $100-200 price range, we will compare the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller to the Instep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger.

Both of these strollers have:
• Speakers that will connect to an MP3 player
• An adjustable handle for Mom and Dad
• A child and parent cup holder
• Large storage basket
• Reclining seat for baby
• Suspension system to absorb bumps
• An easy-fold system

Some differences:
• The Jeep has three 16 inch wheels, and the InStep Grand Safari has two 16 inch rear wheels and a 12 inch front wheel
• Weight of the Jeep is approximately 27 pounds, while the InStep weighs about 33 pounds
• Maximum weight capacity of the Jeep is 45 pounds, and the InStep maximum weight is 50 pounds
• The InStep is car seat compatible, while the Jeep does not accommodate a car seat
• Jeep comes with a speed-distance odometer

The Jeep Overland has a fixed front wheel, and the InStep Grand Safari has a swivel wheel. This can be a deal-breaker for some. If you are mainly desiring a sturdy jogging stroller, you may be perfectly satisfied with the fixed wheel feature. This ensures that while jogging, you will not suddenly veer off to one side if you were to hit a bump or a rock, and is the safest option for jogging. Fixed wheels can be more difficult to turn around sharp corners, however, without lifting up the front wheel of the stroller. The InStep has a fixed wheel or swivel wheel option, so that if you decide to use your stroller in a mall or place that tighter turns are necessary, the swivel wheel will work better than a fixed.

Amazon reviewers give the Jeep Overland 4 stars out of 93 reviews. 41 of those reviews give the full 5 stars, and 16 reviews give the stroller only 1-2 stars.

Some praise for the Jeep Overland:
• Very stable
• Affordable
• Smooth ride
• Not too long or heavy

Amazon reviewers give the InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel 4 stars out of 54 reviews. 29 of those reviews give the full 5 stars, and there are only 7 reviewers that give the stroller 1-2 stars.

Some praise for the InStep Grand Safari:
• Great sun shade
• Smooth ride
• Great price
• Sturdy

In the $200 price range, we will compare the Schwinn Turismo to the Joovy Zoom360 Swivel Wheel Jogger.

Both of these strollers have:
• 12 inch front and 16 inch rear wheels
• A lightweight aluminum frame
• Swivel front wheel
• Parent cup holder
• Spring suspension system, on rear wheels only
• A compact fold
• They both weigh about 25 lbs
• Foot parking brake only (as opposed to a brake on handlebars)
• Peek-a-boo window on sun shade
• Large storage baskets

Some differences:
• The Schwinn stroller has built-in Mp3 speakers, the Joovy Zoom does not
• Joovy Zoom’s maximum weight capacity is 75 pounds, Schwinn’s is 50 pounds
• Schwinn has an adjustable handle, Joovy Zoom does not
• The Joovy Zoom comes with a rain/wind cover
• The Schwinn is compatible with a car seat by securing with straps, the Joovy Zoom is not compatible

Amazon reviewers give the Schwinn Turismo Swivel 4.5 stars out of 56. Of those reviews, there are 32 five star reviews, and no 1-2 star reviews.

Some praise for the Schwinn Turismo:
• Perfoms well, handles nicely on bumpy roads
• No wobble or pull to either side
• Large, fully adjustable sun shade
• Infant carrier fits in securely

Amazon reviewers gave the Joovy Zoom360 4 stars out of 52 reviews. Of those reviews, 31 of those reviews gave the full 5 stars, and there are 5 reviewers that gave only 1-2 star reviews.

Some praise for the Joovy Zoom360:
• One reviewer said this stroller compares in quality to the Bob Revolution SE stroller and the Baby Jogger Summit XC, but at a lower price
• Comes with a wind/rain guard
• Smooth ride
• Seat recline is easy to adjust

These are some of the best selling and highest performing strollers today. Happy Strolling to you and baby!