Seduce A Cougar – What Older Women Find Irresistible In Young Men Like You

Are you more attracted to older woman than younger? Have you tried and failed to pick up a cougar? Are your usual tricks just not working out for you? Then you are in luck! Because I have several tips on how to seduce a cougar.

There are many men just like you who are attracted to older women, or cougars. The trick to picking up a cougar is that you cannot treat her like a twenty year old that you would pick up.

Women evolve over the years and as they do, the tricks from men that will work on them must too. Many men use the tactics that they would use on any other younger girl and they fail to see why this might not be working. Cougars are of a different breed and need to be treated as such. Read on to find out how to seduce a cougar…

Impress Her With Your Maturity

Younger women are almost always impressed by fancy cars and expensive things because they are not financially secure, and they wish they too could have these things. Cougars however have been around the block a few times and usually have a successful career and financially security, making them unimpressed with your things.

In order to impress her then, you must act mature. Cougars do not want men who act as if they are teenagers, this is a major turn off. They want to know that, even in a younger man, they will be taken care of and will always have someone there to help them when they need it. Maturity is a major turn on for most cougars.

Use Her Emotions

Cougars have lived and experienced more than the average girl you might normally try to attract. Because of this, cougars are more emotionally charged than women your own age. In order to win a cougar over, you must play to her emotions.

You must take your cougar on an emotional roller coaster, because this is something that she is really yearning for in her life. Once you have taken her on this emotional ride, you will have her eating out of the palm of your hands. Appealing to a cougars emotions can be just the way to win her over for good.

Appealing to a cougar can be very difficult because they have been around the block a few times, and know most of the tricks that young men try to pull on them. you need to stand out and not treat them as just another woman you are trying to get with.

Show her that you can be fun and mature and can relate to her and there is a good chance that she will be all yours. Still having trouble trying to seduce a cougar? Well, I would really love to help!