Running Windows Software on Android and Chrome OS May Soon Be Possible

Crossover is a software that lets you run Windows-based applications on a Linux computer or MAC.

CodeWeavers, the company that developed CrossOver, has been working on an Android version of the tool that would enable you to run Windows programs on Android devices.

Last month, Google made its Play store available to the at least three Chromebooks, allowing their users to run apps developed for Android phones on their machines.

This means the users of compatible Chromebooks will also be able to run Windows programs by installing CrossOver for Android app. However, for now, this software won’t run every single Windows app or even all those Windows apps that you can run on Linux or MAC platforms using Crossover.

While CodeWeavers’s Android app is yet to be released, the Minnesota-based company this week posted a video on their official blog showing the Windows game Limbo and Steam game client running on an Acer Chromebook.

The company said the CrossOver for Android supports DirectX 9 graphics and detects the inputs from keyboard and mouse.

It is worth mentioning that the software works only with the devices featuring x86 processors. Since a large number of Android smartphones and tablets boast the chips are manufactured by ARM, most of its users will be not able to run Crossover.

But, most of the Chromebooks have Intel processors, and they would be the main beneficiaries of Crossover once Google widens its Android app support to these machines and once this software is officially launched.

Currently, the Android app support is available in Acer Chromebook R11, Google Chromebook Pixel and Asus Chromebook Flip but Google has said that it will roll out to the feature to other Chromebooks in the market as well by the end of this year.

Since Chromebooks tend to be cheaper as compared to Windows, Apple’s MAC and OS X laptops, their sales have increased over the last few years.

However, due to its lack of support for Microsoft Office, Photoshop and many other programs, critics call Chrome OS “just a browser” which “not works without an Internet connection”.

But the arrival of Google Play Store will make Chrome OS a powerful and versatile operating system.

And, support for even some Windows apps would be a handy addition and will is expected to boost further the sales of Chromebooks.

If you want to be notified about when Crossover for Android will be officially released, you can send an email to CodeWeavers at [email protected], the company said.