Running Shoes – 3 Golden Principles to Choosing the Best Running Shoe

The proper running shoes are an essential piece to any training session. I know, in the beginning you get excited and can’t wait to head out of the door, so you think that your walking shoes are excellent for the job – WRONG!

Running shoes are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the demands of running. Running in the wrong shoes will get you injured, demotivated, and will force you to stop running.

Why having the proper running shoes is so important

While running, your legs, knees, and joints deal with as much as 3 or 4 times your body weight during impact. The proper running pair can help you decrease the amount of shock your body goes through; hence you will be less prone to pain and injury.

So, having the proper running trainers can make a huge difference in the amount of shock that your body absorbs. But this kind of shoes won’t last forever, the cushioning properties of all running shoes on the market break down drastically after 800 miles of running. It’s why you need to replace them periodically.

How to choose the right pair

Next time you decide to buy a new pair, try to follow these simple guidelines: 1- Give your feet extra room, at least a half inch: you foot size changes during the day. It tends to swell in the afternoon or after a long run. Therefore if you don’t give your feet enough place to expand, you will be putting too much pressure on them, leading to aches or even injuries.

2- Go to a specialized running shoes store; the salespersons there are usually runners, thus they will know exactly what you need. Don’t purchase your shoes from any store; Choose wisely.

3- The expensive shoes are not always the best option, when it comes to choosing the running shoes; price is not the sole criteria. Your running shoes should meet your feet characteristics. Higher price does not always mean higher protection.

Keep in mind that the proper running shoes are just one piece of the puzzle. If you want to have great runs without setbacks and injuries, then you should address all aspects of your training session such as diet and proper mechanics. Purchasing a fancy pair of shoes is not the magical pill that will solve for you everything.