Rekindling Your Relationship – Can You Get the Sparks Back With Your Man?

Rekindling your relationship that has been on the rocks for a while now can be quite tricky to do. If you have no idea where to start because your romance with your boyfriend has practically become platonic, then here’s an article to help you out.

Learn to Yield

Problems in a relationship usually start when one of the people in the couple refuses to admit their mistakes or flaws. Because they want to win the fight so badly, these couples then forget about their love and throw everything out of the window. So, if you end up doing your boyfriend wrong next time or just can’t seem to see things from his eyes, then try to just let things slide for a change.

Letting things slide can help in rekindling your relationship because it will show him that you are more mature now and are ready to let small trivialities go. Naturally, you will have to make sure that you can actually back up this new and mature you, as well. Putting on a brave face just to go back to the way things were a few weeks later won’t help either of you – remember that.

Bottle Up the Anger

Even if it was your boyfriend who wronged you and said something to make you angry, you need to learn how to forgive him. After all, if you are still angry with him, how can rekindling your relationship even be possible? If you need time to think about what happened and to find out whether the fight was really something worth fighting about, then take some time away from your man for now.

Once you have had some time, assess your emotions and figure out a way to talk to him about it. If you want to fix things, then make sure you are gentle and civil when talking to him; otherwise, you could just start a whole new fight altogether.

Drive Him Wild

If rekindling your relationship is your top priority right now and there isn’t actually anything big that you fought about, then you might want to pull out all of the stops, don a sexy outfit and drive your man wild with it. Although this might seem a bit sneaky to you, it is sure to help you put your foot into the door and seduce his socks off. After all, men are visual creatures, so doing this is sure to bring the heat up in no time.