Quick Ways To Lose Weight

Being the butt of very joke is not all – it is easy to get advise from just any one you will run into if you are one of those who are frantically looking out for ways to get rid of a few extra kilos; what these ‘advisers’ do not realize is how stressful it can be both physically and mentally, for the ‘poor overly healthy one’. What is even sadder is that they might already be on several indirect ways to keep a check on weight gain like eating ‘right’ by including plenty of roughage and fiber in the diet in order to minimize calorific intake. Apart from this, drinking plenty of fluids including water and fresh fruit juices is considered to be another common norm to lose weight. However, the combination of diet control and light exercises may not be the ultimate when it comes to quick ways to lose weight. It might also be helpful to consider food supplements that will further this cause.

There are several crash diet plans that are available for experimentation; several methods usually need to be tried out before one of them clicks. Popular among these is what is known as a ‘German diet’ which is one that needs to be observed for a minimum of a week. This diet has no restrictions what so ever on the amount of food you eat, there also isn’t any limitation on the type of food you eat. The trick lies in eating the same category of food for one entire day. If you opt for chicken for instance, the menu will read chicken for breakfast, chicken for lunch and chicken for supper. Similarly one day can be devoted to fruits, another to boiled vegetables and so on. This is one of the real quick ways to lose weight.

Pumping metal at gym is another sure shot quick way to lose weight. Engaging in a cardio workout of just any exercise like running, jogging, cycling, swimming etc. if done on an empty stomach can bring about ideal results in short spans of time. Exercise is good to not only shed some pounds quickly, but also to keep your mind fresh and active.

Several diet pills are also available for those who prefer to lose weight without sweating it out. In this connection, one of the newest buzz words linked to weight loss is ‘Hoodia’ and chances are that you have already heard of it. Hoodia Gordonii is a rather hard to find cactus that is found deep within the South African Kalahari Desert. It is a huge favorite among the ancient San Bushmen who lives there; they have been using this ‘home remedy’ to keep hunger away while on long hunting treks and to keep fit in general. It is known to contain substances that trick the mind into believing that the stomach is full in spite of not eating heavily. While diet pills like these are a quick way to lose weight, caution needs to be exercised while taking them and a doctor’s advice is mandatory.