POOF-Slinky Reveals the Real Magic of Learning Magic Tricks

Conjuring up something to take a child’s attention away from the latest pop culture electronics fad and the video game system is a tall order for many parents today. However, the Canadian Toy Testing Council thinks that POOF-Slinky and IDEAL magic consultant Ryan Oakes can succeed.

The Canadian Toy Testing Council has honored POOF-Slinky by awarding them with two Best Bet 2011 awards for their duo magic kits: “My First Magic Set” and the “Ryan Oakes Magic Show.”

With professional quality props designed with the hands of children four years and older in mind, kids can have tons of fun as Ryan Oakes, the youngest recipient ever of the Society of American Magicians’ National Magic Competition grand prize (1990), teaches these budding magicians the techniques and skills that they need to masterfully perform magic for their captive audiences. The still-young Oakes travels throughout the world to perform about 150 magic shows every year, and among his clients are Fortune 500 companies and the United States armed forces.

“My First Magic Set”, approved for ages four and older, is designed for younger magicians in training. However, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The kit includes a bilingual instructional DVD and 13 magic tricks guaranteed to bring out the passion for magic in any youngster. Young children can soon enough learn how to amaze and dazzle their friends.

“Ryan Oakes’ Magic Show” received a Best Bet for 2011 award. With a 60 minute bilingual instructional video and props for 16 magic tricks included, this set will move older children (eight years and up) and young adults into the exciting world of magic. Additionally, Ryan Oakes teaches budding young conjurers 101 different magic tricks.

For the parents, however, the real magical powers here are found in the benefits children and families gain. Practicing and learning magic tricks turns out to be a fantastic way of teaching children self-confidence, creative thinking, and hand-eye coordination while bringing families and friends closer together.

Here are some of the reviews from real users of these magic sets (reviews found on Amazon):

“…Got this for my daughter and she had so much fun learning her magic tricks. We had so much fun watching her. Oh, and any toy that doesn’t take batteries, that doesn’t make tons of noise, that uses lots of imagination, and that can involve brothers and sisters is a great toy in my book.”

“…It is brilliant! I have had the best time playing with my son learning how to do the tricks. Of course, he has to perfect them but, oh my gosh….we have got to get the video camera out! He needs to follow directions. He needs to explain his trick to his audience (worth a million dollars)…:”

In an interview on Activity TV, host Ryan Oaks talks about how magic helps build a great set of long term life skills. Magic is performed in front of people. Did you know most grown adults’ greatest fear is getting up on stage to speak or perform in front of people? Perhaps the earlier you can conquer that fear the better off you are throughout life. Magic is also very creative and encompasses the use of important artistic qualities and skills including the believable dramatic persona. But most importantly, Oakes goes on to say, practicing magic builds interpersonal relationships.

In this era of attention-consuming electronic gadgets that have kids growing more and more disconnected from family interaction, maybe some old-time magic will be the trick to bringing them back together again.

Poof-Slinky, Inc is the maker of the well known Poof foam toys and world famous Slinky toys. Who can’t remember playing for hours on end with a Slinky? Over 300 million Slinkys have been sold since their introduction in 1945. Even today, the slinky still stands out in the minds of children and adults alike as a timeless favourite. With the guidance of veteran magician, Ryan Oakes, Poof-Slinky’s new magic duo is a best bet to be a new classic favourite.