New Balance 730 Running Shoe Review – A Beginner Running Shoe!

The New Balance 730 is a running shoe aimed at beginner runners with a natural running style. It’s best for starters because it’s cheap and it has simple features that will heavily benefit the beginner runner who may be prone to injuries or may not want to spend a lot of money on new equipment.

One of the first things beginner runners need is durability and protection. This is because when you start out your muscles aren’t used to the strain that running can put on you. This could lead to some nasty injuries if you get a more advanced pair of running shoe or one that is designed specifically for race events.

The technology that helps the durability is the Ndurance rubber compound that is placed on strategic areas on the outsole that are at most risk from wearing. These places will be on the heel and just outside to prevent roll that often occurs from your running stance, it will also help prevent wrong strikes upon the ground.

On the Midsole there is an extra cushioned padding which adds to the durability and cushioning of the New Balance 730. This midsole is called the ‘Acteva Midsole’ and is present on stability running shoes that help to give beginners the best experience possible.

The New Balance 730 provides a great starter running shoe for a very reasonable price while having all the features necessary to keep you running. You will only know after trying a pair how much less strain they put on your feet compared to other versions.