Main Differences Between Tablet and Chewable Vitamin Supplements

Originally the vitamin and mineral supplements came in either capsule or tablet form, and that was the only choice. However, as the supplement industry grew rapidly in size, several other options become available, with today’s choices now consisting of supplements in liquid, powder, and chewable form, as well as the soft gels and lozenges. Each type of the supplements varies in regards to the level of potency and the rate of absorption.

Some of the main differences seen with the chewable and tablet vitamin supplements include –

Tablet-based Supplements – the everyday capsules or tablets are still the most common and cost-effective on the market due to the low-costs involved in the manufacturing process. Also, a great plus to the tablets is the longer shelf-life and the ability to retain their potency for a longer period of time. Powders, liquids, and soft gels can have a much short usable timeframe. Tablets can come in several different shapes and sizes. Provided that a well-known brand name product is purchased then you are more likely to receive the positive benefits that come with these vitamin and minerals supplements. Tablet supplements can come with some negative points, which often relate to the difficulty in swallowing, although this mostly relates to a younger person or someone not use to taking any form of tablet. Also, the tablets aren’t able to vary in dosage as seen with the alternative methods of powders and liquids.

Chewable-based Supplements – a chewable vitamin is often seen to be more costly when compared to a similar supplement in the form of a capsule or tablet. Chewable supplements might feature flavorings or sugar added in, which might not be so desirable for those preferring to avoid these types of ingredients in the diet. By eliminating a need to shallow a solid tablet, the chewable supplements are mostly desirable for the child or person preferring a simple to digest alternative to the tablets.

The best type of vitamin supplement to take often comes down to a person’s individual taste and preference. For a typical adult, the solid tablets or capsules are most often seen as the best method to get the right in-take of multivitamins. Alternatively, the chewable tablets often come with fruity flavors so perfect for the child. A child might not like the standard tablets due to the medicine taste, which is often noticeable if the tablet is left in the mouth for too long before swallowing. Also, the chewable tablets often come with the vitamin and mineral ingredients at a lower volume, so not quite as effective for the adult wishing to get the right nutritional in-take.